How to Rejoin a Discord Server You Left

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on April 14, 2022

There are many servers to choose from to join and unjoin in Discord. Still, many Discord users are unaware of how to rejoin a server they left.  

To rejoin a discord server, you have to get an invite from the server owner. You can message the server owner to allow you once again to their server. 

Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app with tens of millions of current users. In Discord, you can talk and hang out with different communities and friends. 

Discord users use this app for everything digital. It may be school projects, homework, game streaming, family trips, and even mental health support groups.

The majority of servers are private, invite-only spaces for a group of friends or classmates, even families, to stay in touch and spend time together. There are also larger communities, usually about specific topics such as popular games such as “Valorant” and “Fortnite.” 

However, you cannot rejoin using the same Discord account if you are banned. Also, if you can’t rejoin a discord server, it might be possible that there are limits included by the server admin or by the Discord platform itself. 

Note that there are only 100 servers that most, if not all, Discord users can join. Anything past the limit is not allowed by the platform.

Rejoin a Discord Server You Left

How Do I Join Someone’s Discord Server?

On Discord, servers usually require an invite link and code. Invite link and code may vary depending on set up; it may expire 24 hours after creation. 

Rejoin a Discord Server You Left

So once you receive the link, you have to join quickly. Open Discord and log in if needed. 

Rejoin a Discord Server You Left

To join someone’s discord server that doesn’t require a code, click + icon. If you hover your cursor above it, a text saying “Add a Server” will appear. 

Click it and choose “Join a Server.”

Rejoin a Discord Server You Left

Can I Join a Discord Server Without an Invite?

Discord servers are like parties. You can join most parties through invitation only. 

But, like most parties, there are public Discord servers. The discord app has a feature to explore public servers with the “Explore Public Servers” icon. 

This feature is only available to Discord’s desktop version. There are several server listing websites such as Top and Disboard. 

These websites allow users to list their servers along with their categories.

Rejoin a Discord Server You Left

Why Can’t I Rejoin a Discord Server?

Various factors may play if you can’t join a discord server. If the application won’t let you join the server through an invite, then the invite link you used expired by the time you redeemed it to join.

 Discord usually informs its users that an invite link has expired. A message will pop up telling you that the above link no longer works for you, and you’re going to have to ask a new one if you wish to join the server.

Many Discord users don’t know that there is a cap limit on how many servers a single Discord account can join at a time. A single user can only join 100 Discord servers at a time. 

It is their cap limit. If you wish to be part of this certain Discord server you’re trying to enter, you’re going to need to leave one of the many servers you’re in.

Another reason why you can’t join a Discord server is you may have been banned from the said server. Any user on a server that has a role with permissions to ban can ban you in that individual server, and they may go to their account and ban you or use bot commands.

Users can also ban another user on the server by adding their user ID on the bot command.

Can you rejoin a Discord Server After being Banned?

Suppose you are kicked and not banned, yes. You can still join the server through an invite link from someone on the server. However, the ban will stay until a moderator unbans you if you are banned.

Rejoin a Discord Server You Left

How Do I Rejoin a Banned Server?

You cannot enter a server once you are banned unless a moderator unbans you. Once a user is banned, their IP address and phone number are banned from joining the server. 

To prevent ban evasion, any accounts using the banned user’s IP address and phone number won’t access the server. You can come back with a different account and use a VPN(or a different IP address); this violates Discord’s Term of Services. 

Once reported, Discord will delete your account, and a platform ban is a possibility. Another thing you can try is contacting the server moderator to make an appeal regarding the ban and discuss what things you can do. 

You can also appeal the ban by contacting Discord’s Customer Service team.