How to Share Etsy List

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on April 3, 2022

Selling on Etsy has provided a lot of help for online business owners. It is an online selling platform where business owners thrive.

The Etsy platform is focused on vintage items. The required items are said to be at least two decades old, or even more.

There are also many categories available to both buyers and sellers. Artists, crafters, and collectors have also taken part in the platform because of it. 

Now, to organize the items, sellers have made listings for their products to make it easier for buyers to choose from. The sellers also utilized social media platforms to promote their products.

Because of it, Etsy has grown even further and is still active today. 

Quickest Steps to Share a Listing on Etsy

Sharing a list in Etsy is more straightforward than most people think. Still, there are steps that one must take to do it smoothly and successfully. 

To start taking advantage of lists for your business, or if you are a buyer, carefully read the following:

Step 1: Check if You Have a List Set Up

First, you have to make sure that you have a list already set up. Not only that, if you are a seller, make sure that your list is organized and clean-looking. 

If you don’t know how to list your items, it is simple. Go to your shop manager, then click on ‘listings.’ 

For new sellers on Etsy, they have to click on ‘your shop’ instead. Click on ‘add a listing’ or tap a + icon.

After that, you may put images, add more details, and even put a description in it. Once you have a list, you may go to the next step.

Step 2: Choose a Specific List to Share

The current step of the process depends on whether you have multiple listings already or not. If the case is that you have multiple lists, then choose one list first to share.

You can click on the list first to view it. Also, there’s a search box available to make sure that all the items you want are included on the list.

There’s an available search filter that you can click also. The search filter contains Item availability and Special offers, available for buyers on Etsy. 

Step 3: Setting the List as Public or Private

There are two options for the privacy of your Etsy list, namely public and private. You may only choose one at a time, and of course, you can never choose both at the same time.

The visibility of your list will also depend on what list privacy option you will choose. It will affect how many individuals can view or see your Etsy list.

You will find either the ‘public’ or ‘private’ text beside the name of your list. It indicates what the current privacy of your list is. 

Selecting private will limit the visibility of your list to yourself. On the other hand, the public option will make your list visible to all people who view it.

Whenever you want to change the privacy of your list, you can click on the button with the pen near the list name. Then, click on the no/yes button if you want your list to be private.

Step 4: Copy the List’s Link and Share

You can find another button beside the edit button near your list name. Hover your mouse button to it, and you will see the ‘copy sharing link’ text.

Next, you have to click it to copy it on your clipboard. Then you can start sharing your list using the link that you copied.

How Do I share an Etsy listing on Pinterest?

To share your Etsy listing on Pinterest, go to ‘your shop’ and go to ‘edit shop.’ Scroll down a little bit to find the ‘Pinterest’ text along with its logo, and click on it. 

How Do I share an Etsy listing on Facebook?

The whole process for list sharing will be similar. For sharing an Etsy list on your Facebook, go to ‘Shop Manager’ first, and then go to ‘Listings’ after. Then you have to click the gear to the right.

Lastly, click on the share button. Also, if your Facebook account is connected to Etsy, you can share your listing on Facebook business pages.

How Do I Share an Etsy Listing on Twitter?

Make sure that you connect your Twitter to Etsy first. Or, you can paste the copied link before and include it in a tweet.

Go to ‘shop manager,’ then ‘listings,’ and click on the gear. Click on the Share button to finish the process.

How Do I Share an Etsy Listing on Instagram?

Sharing an Etsy list on Instagram is also very easy and convenient. Paste the list link on either your Instagram profile or an Instagram post, and you’re done.

How Do I Share an Etsy Listing on a Website?

To share your Etsy listing on a website, go to ‘your shop’ and go to ‘edit shop.’ You may scroll down and find the Website’ text along and then click on it. 

You may also copy and paste the link of your custom lists somewhere on your website.