How to stream with one monitor

 Streamers who have just started on this path usually have one monitor. Conducting a stream with a single monitor might seem difficult but certainly not impossible.

To set up a single monitor stream first we will have to install a streaming application. For this scenario, we are using OBS. After installing OBS we have to set up settings.

How to set up your stream with a single monitor?

Setting up your stream with a single monitor isn’t a difficult job. The changes in the settings tab that we have to do are mentioned below:

1. First you have to open the settings window and go to the Stream tab. In that tab, you will see the option to select the streaming service that we want to use. There you can find options such as – Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Restream and Twitter. Select the service of your preference.

2. Then you will need to connect to the account of the service that you will be using. For Twitch you will have to connect to the twitch account. There is an option to use the stream key. The stream key is needed to stream. By pressing the button Get Stream Key you can get the stream key. Just copy the stream key and paste it into the Stream Key section in OBS. Then hit apply.

3. Set the encoder based on your preference. Then you can set the Bitrate based on the resolution.

Setting up a scene/display:

  • Go to sources and press the plus icon in sources and add display capture.
  • To record your voice, add an audio input capture option.
  • Press start streaming and done.

What problems do streamers face with a single monitor?

Ans: Streamers usually use a multi-monitor setup depending on their needs. They check the stream status and see the chatbox. The display source is the monitor/display that the viewers see. 

A streaming application contains important information which can be leaked sometimes by mistake. So, to adjust the settings of the stream a multi-monitor setup is beneficial as the streamer can change the settings on another monitor and the viewers can’t see that monitor display. 

Streamers also see what their viewers are typing in the chatbot. Which is very tough to see on a single monitor as it takes half of the screen and it is also bad to look at in-stream. So, a streamer can check what the viewers are saying in the chatbox by keeping the chat box open on the other monitor. 

How to utilize other devices while steaming with one monitor? 

Usually, streamers need to see their chatbox, stream, and streaming application to see if everything is working. By using the 2nd monitor a streamer can easily do this task but if they do not have a 2nd monitor then they can utilize other smart devices. 

To check what the viewers are saying in the chatbox a streamer can use a smartphone to open up the stream using the stream link and read the chatbox and see if the stream is running well. The streamer can also moderate and chat with other people easily without cluttering the stream display.

How to use OBS chat overlay for streaming with one monitor?

Ans: For this, we will need to use the stream elements website. The steps for setting upstream labs:

Go to and log in using the streaming service you will use.

In the dashboard, there is a tab called streaming tools. Press the streaming tools tab and press my overlays. Then press creates a new overlay.

Then you will get the option to set up the chat overlay size/resolution. So, select custom and set your custom resolution. Then press start. Select the plus icon or add widget option and then press the stream tools button and then select the option to add chat.

Then you will be greeted with the options to customize text size, fonts, colors, background colors, etc. Select the options according to your preference. Click Save on the top right corner and name the overlay.

Then there is a copy option on the top bar of the website beside the preview option. Press that button to copy that link and then go back to OBS in the sources tab select the ‘+’ icon and then select the browser option. In the browser options, tab’s URL section paste the copied link. Then set the width and height based on the width and height you set in the stream elements overlay and press ok.

Then you will get your chat window on your viewport. Move around the chat and place it in the location where you want it. Also, make sure the browser source is above all the sources.

How do you solve streaming problems by having only one monitor?

The streaming problem while using one monitor is that the streamer can’t read viewers’ messages in the chatbox properly. The streamer also can’t check if the stream is running well and if there is any stuttering. 

To solve these problems the streamer can utilize smartphones or other devices. With the help of a smartphone, a streamer can check his viewer’s message in the chatbox and also check if the stream is running well or not.