How to Turn Off International Shipping on Etsy

By Dan Catapang Written by Dan Catapang
Updated on April 3, 2022

Most sellers on Etsy have a targeted country for selling their products. Yet, a lot of them are not familiar with disabling the International shipping option.

You can turn off International Shipping on Etsy by going to the shop manager page. Then, unselect the ‘Everywhere else’ shipping option from your Etsy shop manager.

The International shipping on Etsy is an optional feature. It is a shipping feature that makes a specific product available for purchase in most countries.

International shipping can help boost online stores’ sales, and some Etsy sellers have already benefited. However, the international shipping option is not for every seller.

There are instances when unwanted orders from buyers happen. This mistake may happen if a seller is not aware that they haven’t turned off their International Shipping services on Etsy.

So, on the buyer’s end, all is well and normal, and that they can order outside their country. While on the unsuspected seller’s end, an unknown inconvenience is waiting for them around the corner.

To prevent this trouble, sellers must know how to turn off the international shipping option on Etsy. It’s not just the seller’s time and effort that can be wasted, but also their money if they are not careful enough.

Turn Off International Shipping on Etsy

Is It Possible to Disable International Shipping in Etsy?

Yes, it is possible to disable International Shipping in Etsy. Etsy is not that restrictive when it comes to shipping available for the Etsy sellers’ products.

Even so, disabling the International shipping in Etsy is unfamiliar to many sellers even though it is simple. There are also almost no direct tutorials that Etsy sellers can read regarding the topic.

It is understandable for Etsy not to give tutorials about disabling the International shipping in Etsy. The process only involves a click of a button.

Compared to the total number of Etsy sellers, individuals who encounter such problems are few. Also, there are customer services available in Etsy to ask specific questions, including international shipping topics.

Turn Off International Shipping on Etsy

How to Change Shipping Settings in Etsy

To change the shipping settings in Etsy, you must be logged in first to Etsy with your seller account. Go to your shop manager after you log in. 

On your Etsy shop manager page, go to ‘listings’ and click on ‘edit.’ You can find the ‘edit’ button in the gear menu.

Next, there will be a drop-down menu on the shipping options page where sellers can choose the origin country where the seller’s item will be coming from. Then, an ‘add location’ feature will also be available.

In the ‘add location,’ sellers can select available countries to ship their products. The shipping price for a specific country can also be adjusted by the seller accordingly.

Etsy also has an ‘Everywhere else’ shipping option available. As the name suggests, it enables sellers to ship everywhere and is considered international shipping.

Turn Off International Shipping on Etsy

Can I Block a Country in Etsy?

Sellers or buyers in Etsy don’t have the option to block a specific country. Etsy did not directly make a country blocking feature.

You can’t block a country, but there’s an alternative option to be considered. The only solution is not to include the specific country that a seller doesn’t want when going to the shipping options page.

A blocking feature can also be inconvenient for some. Not checking or clicking the country from the drop-down option is also not difficult at all.

Since there are almost no Etsy users that complain about the lack of the country blocking feature, Etsy didn’t bother to make one. It is also a good thing because Etsy can focus more on more important features and possibly upgrade them.

How Do I Set Etsy Delivery to My Country Only?

Setting a delivery to your country can also be done on the shipping options page. Go to your shop manager, then listings, and click on the edit after.

There will be choices of countries next to the ‘shipping origin’ text on the shipping area page. Select the only country that you want to ship your products to.

A crucial reminder for sellers is to be aware of the ‘Everywhere else’ shipping option. It will enable your product to be shipped across the world at flat rates.

Remember to turn off the ‘Everywhere else’ option that you can also find on the shipping origin page. Save your options after.

Turn Off International Shipping on Etsy

Does Etsy Require You to Sell Internationally?

No, Etsy does not require its sellers to sell their products across the world. Though it can help an Etsy seller boost their sales, it is a selling option that is not forced by the platform.

Most online selling platforms are also like this. Attracting sellers to their platform involves the flexibility of options for them.

The more options a seller has on an online selling platform, the more likely sellers will start a business on it. It is one of the reasons why Etsy doesn’t require international selling.

Although, remember to turn off the ‘everywhere else’ shipping to be safe. Sometimes, the option is enabled by default.