Is 1440 News Safe: A Closer Look

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Updated on September 17, 2023

In today’s age where almost everything is digital and high-tech, staying informed about current events has become easier than ever before. With easy access to numerous news outlets available to almost everyone, it’s important to evaluate the credibility and safety of the sources we get our news from. One such source is 1440 News. Some of you may be wondering, is 1440 News safe? Read on to find out.

1440 News is a news aggregator that aims to provide a concise and comprehensive overview of the day’s top stories. Its employees curate news from various sources, condensing it into a single email that is delivered to subscribers every morning in the form of a newsletter.

Are newsletters really safe? Generally, all links sent to your email are potentially risky, especially since cyber-attacks are rampant nowadays. As a rule of thumb, we don’t randomly click any link sent to our email. Such emails, like the newsletter, can be an instrument of phishing or an email attack that deceives you to open a link with a virus or a website to gather your personal information.

Maybe you are concerned about the links you receive because of the number of cyber-attacks happening lately. Usually, links and clickbait take advantage of readers. It can also harm someone if the link contains malware or spyware that can collect your personal information. But despite this risk, 1440 Newsletter ensures that the link it sends is legitimate and safe for its readers.

Is 1440 News legitimate?

1440 News is a legitimate newspaper.

There is a growing number of newsletters in different parts of the world. But not all of them are legitimate. A thoughtless subscription to a newsletter carries a risk, particularly if it comes with a link that can be used as an instrument of cyber-attacks.

Despite growing numbers of fake news peddlers, the 1440 Newsletter is a legitimate newspaper that gathers a wide range of essential topics and current events from many legitimate resources. In fact, they are named the Least Biased Newsletter, based on balanced story selection and minimal editorializing.

They employ a multidisciplinary team of diverse political associations that gather noteworthy content from different resources and are guided by 1440 principles. They curate resources into a daily digest that will persuade you to exercise critical thinking.

Is it safe to open the 1440 newsletter sent to my email?

The 1440 newsletter is safe to open.

Although as a general rule of thumb, not to casually open any links we receive in our emails, 1440 is safe to open. You don’t have to worry about the links they send. The links are 100% safe and there are no anomalies or threats to your security.

Is 1440 News a credible news source?

1440 News is a credible news source curated by a multidisciplinary team of 1440 employees.

With the amount of fake news today, you will be hesitant about what you read online if it is true or part of fake news. 1440 News ensures that the news they gather from various news sources is true. They have a special team that is multidisciplinary and has diverse political associations.

Every day, they collect important topics and current events so that they can be delivered more easily to those who subscribe to 1440. 1440 News does not disappoint its followers with the objective and unbiased news that it delivers on a daily basis.

Is 1440 News a clickbait?

1140 News is not a clickbait.

One of the most bothersome messages you will receive is click baits that aim to entice you to go to a misleading headline in order to force you to read or watch a piece of content. The 1440 Newsletter is definitely not “clickbait” just like the random links we receive in our emails.

1440 News ensures that its readers receive noteworthy content about sports, tech, culture, business, and more scoured from hundreds of sources each day. They deliver news with breadth and depth, and thoughtfully curated content. Rest assured that it is not clickbait that will entice users to follow the link and read unrelated content.

What is the 1440 News Media Bias score?

Media Bias Fact Check on January 5, 2022, says 1440 Newsletter has high credibility.

Are you sick of news being so heavily opinionated or one-sided? Do you dislike news organizations that present selected content that leans toward a specific outcome or even rely on claims that are not supported by facts? These are just some of the indications that a particular media company is biased.

With so many news content creators today, it is important that we know where we should trust the information we consume. Media Bias Scoring is one of the effective ways to know if a news creator should be trusted or not.

In the last update of Media Bias Fact Check on January 5, 2022, the 1440 Newsletter has high credibility. They have zero failed fact checks in the last five years, which means 1440 has high factual reporting and is the least biased.

1440 Newsletter is said to have a balanced story selection and minimal editorializing, unlike traditional newsletters. And because they have proper sourcing and a clean fact-check record, they are rated high for factual reporting.

Key Takeaways

1440 News can be considered a relatively safe source for news consumption. It aggregates articles from reputable sources, providing a concise overview of the day’s top stories. However, it’s important to remember that you also independently verify the information you receive and cross-reference it with other sources. 

Additionally, with 1440 News, you should think twice before clicking any link and be cautious when visiting external websites. Being vigilant at all times goes a long way in ensuring your online safety and privacy. 


1. Is 1440 News free to use?

Yes, 1440 News is free to use. You can subscribe to their daily email newsletter without paying for anything.

2. How can I subscribe to 1440 News? 

To subscribe to 1440 News, just visit their website and provide your email address. You will start receiving their daily newsletter in your inbox.

3. Can I customize the news topics I receive from 1440 News? 

Currently, you cannot customize the news topics that you receive from 1440 News. However, they cover a wide range of categories in their daily email.

4. Can I suggest articles or news sources to 1440 News to include in their newsletter? 

1440 News does not currently accept suggestions for news sources or articles. Their employees independently select and curate news from various reputable sources.