Is Cox Unlimited Data Really Unlimited? All You Need to Know

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on September 13, 2023

Cox Communications Inc. or Cox Cable – formerly known as Cox Broadcasting Corporation – is an American digital cable television provider, telecommunications, and home automation services. Its internet service offers a reliable, fiber-based network with affordable options. Also, Cox offers an unlimited data plan.

You’d think that an unlimited data plan means you can surf the internet all you want. However, many ISPs throttle heavy users’ data to regulate network traffic and minimize bandwidth congestion. It’s important to understand what “unlimited” truly means when it comes to Cox’s unlimited data plans.

In this article, we will examine Cox’s unlimited data offering and determine whether it is genuinely unlimited or if there are limitations to be aware of.

Is Cox Unlimited Data Really Unlimited?

Is Cox’s unlimited data truly unlimited, or is it throttled?

Cox’s unlimited data plans are designed to provide customers with the freedom to use the internet without worrying about data limits. These plans are typically marketed as “unlimited,” suggesting that there are no restrictions on data usage. 

Based on other people’s experiences, Cox’s unlimited data plan is indeed unlimited. According to their testimonies, they have never noticed throttling or slowing down of internet connection.

While Cox’s unlimited data plans do not have specific data caps, customers who excessively use data may receive notifications or be subject to additional actions. The company closely monitors excessive data usage, which is typically defined as usage significantly above the average customer’s consumption. However, you are less likely to experience throttling if you do not breach its data usage policies.

What’s the difference between limited data and unlimited internet?

Limited data plans give you a fixed amount of data size. Once you have used it all up, you can no longer access the internet.

On the other hand, unlimited internet allows you to access the internet without limits. You will only lose access to the internet once the duration of the plan ends.

Because unlimited data plans have the advantage of being limitless, they are pricier than limited data plans. Cox also offers tech support on top of its unlimited data plans; thus, the price is even more justified.

Cost of Cox’s data plans in 2022

Cox offers five different unlimited data plans. They all offer Panoramic WiFi and Cox Complete care – its 24/7 expert tech support. The cost of these data plans is directly proportional to the download and upload speeds. As the internet connection becomes faster, they become pricier. 

The cheapest option comes with up to 25 Mbps download speeds and up to 3 Mbps upload speeds. It costs $96.99 per month. The next option can go up to 50 Mbps download speeds and 3 Mbps for uploads. It costs $106.99 per month. Next is the $126.99/month option. It comes with up to 250 Mbps download speeds and 10 MBPS upload speeds.

The Internet Ultimate 500 is next. It costs $146.99 per month. This unlimited data plan offers download speeds of up to 500 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 10 Mbps.

And the most expensive unlimited data plan costs $166.99 per month. It offers up to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) download speeds and up to 35 Mbps upload speeds.

 All the above unlimited data plans are good for 24 months (2-year term agreement).

Is Cox Unlimited Data Really Unlimited?

People’s experiences with the Cox Unlimited Data Plan

Here’s how Cox ranked in US News’ ranking for Internet Service Providers:

  • Ranked #4 in Best Internet Service Providers of 2022 (tie)
  • Ranked #2 in Best Prepaid Internet Service Providers of 2022
  • Ranked #2 in Best Cable Internet Providers of 2022 (tie)
  • Ranked #4 in Best Fiber Internet Providers of 2022 (tie)
  • Ranked #4 in Best Internet Providers for Gaming of 2022

Cox offers fast speeds and good reliability. Furthermore, it has reasonable data usage terms with no throttling. So, many customers are satisfied with its service.

However, people don’t like some things about it. For one, its plans are pricier than other cable internet providers. That also increases after the first year.

So, Cox is a high-mid option. It is not super exceptional, but it is also not that bad.

Is Cox Unlimited Data Really Unlimited?

Is Cox data usage accurate?

Yes, the Cox Communications Data Usage Meter is accurate. It engaged NetForecast to perform an independent audit of the accuracy of its data usage meter system. And after an analysis, NetForecast confirmed the accuracy of Cox’s data usage. It eliminates the need to worry about the company cheating you. The company only records what you actually used.

How to opt out of the unlimited data plan?

Opting out of Cox’s unlimited data plan is easy. You only need to contact its customer support. Please note that if you remove the unlimited data plan mid-usage cycle, you are not subject to overage charges until the start of your next cycle.

Wrapping up

Cox’s unlimited data plans allow users to enjoy their internet connection without worrying about data caps. While the plans do not come with specific data limits, the company has put in place specific data usage policies and network management practices to ensure fair usage and maintain network performance. As a customer, you should be aware of these policies and practices to have a clear understanding of what “unlimited” means in the context of Cox’s data plans.