Is Etsy Canadian?

By Dan Catapang Written by Dan Catapang
Updated on August 4, 2023

Etsy is an established online selling platform founded on June 18, 2005. It remains popular to this day because of the services that it provides. Given its huge popularity, you might be asking, “Is Etsy Canadian?” 

Etsy is an American online selling platform that is still operating today. It is one of the most popular selling platforms online.

The sellers here are selling items that are 20 years old. Also, it is one of the unique platforms to buy and sell such items.

Creating a shop on Etsy is free. Also, it is easy to find products that buyers are looking for. Not to mention, the shipping process is also better than most of its competitors online.

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Where is the Etsy Company Located?

The headquarters of Etsy is located in New York, comprising nine stories and operating 3,500 hours yearly. The whole site area is 41,304 sq ft.

Etsy completed the design of its headquarters in 2016, the same year when it completed its substantial project.

Is Etsy a Canadian Company?

There are multiple instances where foreign companies decide to locate their headquarters in the US. It might be a good move for some companies because the US market can provide many growth opportunities.

However, Etsy is not like that. Etsy is not a Canadian company at all.

Etsy started its operations in New York back in 2005. To be exact, the company is from Brooklyn. Even Etsy’s founders are from the US. 

Is Etsy Canada Legit?

Etsy is available in a lot of countries. They also set their eyes on the Canadian market for some time.

The Etsy platform itself is a legitimate online selling platform used by vintage item sellers and buyers for years. The platform counts millions of buyers and sellers gained through the years.

Now, Etsy boasts more than 80 million users already and is still counting. Etsy Canada is not that much different.

There is only one Etsy platform for all the countries that they operate in. There is no specific Etsy Canada platform. It can only become Etsy Canada if the buyers or sellers are from Canada. It is also proven that most, if not all, Etsy Canada sellers are legit.

Most of the Canadian sellers on Etsy are highly rated. However, just like any other online selling platform, scammers are also present on Etsy. The good thing is that it rarely happens and that Etsy is actively checking on reviews and accounts.

​​Where Does Etsy Ship From?

The location where Etsy ships from depends on the location of the seller. Suppose you want to know where the seller ships from, you can check the Etsy seller profile.

Also, if you have concerns about where the Etsy seller will ship from, you can message them directly using the Etsy platform.

It is common for Etsy to ship within the US. Still, there are also times when they make international shipping available.

For buyers in Etsy, remember that when purchasing in an International Etsy store, you will pay additional fees for shipping. The shipping fee may reach around 45 US dollars.

How Popular is Etsy in Canada?

The popularity of Etsy in Canada is high. Canada boasts the third-highest number of users on Etsy, next only to the US and the UK. 

Even though the total earnings of Etsy are primarily from the US and the UK, two of the top-selling shops on the platform are from Canada. Both Canadian Etsy stores have generated sales in hundreds of thousands to a million dollars already.

The popularity of Etsy in Canada is also not stopping anytime soon. The reason why the platform continues to thrive is also because of the pandemic.

With the pandemic forcing many people to stay at their homes, they’ve developed new collecting hobbies in the process. Even when most of them are already vaccinated and going outside more frequently, the sales haven’t decreased significantly.

The item-collecting hobbies that some Canadians have developed remain today. Many sellers on Etsy have also taken notice of it and are taking advantage of the opportunity while it lasts.

Is Etsy Successful in Online Canadian Markets?

It is not easy to be one of the most successful online selling platforms in Canada. Still, Etsy managed to be one of them, thanks to years of patience and hard work.

The collective positive reviews of Etsy sellers outside Canada have also made a difference. The good reviews from the buyers have enticed many Canadians to go and try buying items on Etsy. 

What most probably happened next is that Canadian sellers have seen the earning potential Etsy can bring to the Canadian online market. It is like a cycle of enticement that continuously attracts buyers and sellers using the Etsy platform.