Is Flux Safe

In modern times, the use of computers is already part of our daily lives. It helps us a lot, be in research, finishing reports, streaming, playing online games, and many more. But there is an imminent risk of using it on our health, especially our eyes, which are the first to be exposed to our computer screen.

The computer display has a blue light that can penetrate our eyes and damage our Retina. Further exposure to blue light can cause retinal photochemical damage or blindness. F.LUX is one of the safe innovations to help reduce the amount of blue light on your computer screen by adjusting display color temperature. It also mimics the color of the room you’re in, so you’d be comfortable using your computer.

Is it safe to install Flux on your computer?

F.Lux is safe to download as long as it’s from legit download sites

There are those who question the security of their devices after installing F.lux. But, installing it is safe for your device and doesn’t compromise any of its functions. In fact, it is more beneficial to the user because it resolves problems like eye strain and headaches after prolonged exposure to your computer screen. Users of F.lux have had no problems with their devices. The only thing that F.lux developers can advise is to only get F.lux from legit download sites.

Is using flux safe for your eyes?

So far, using F.lux is safe for your eyes as it can reduce upto 100% of blue lights.

If you look at the purpose of F.LUX, we can say that the service provided by F.lux is good, especially in its ability to eliminate 100% of the blue light. But there are those who question its safety. There are reports from forums Quora, saying it further damaged their eyes after using it for a long time. One user said, after using F.LUX for two years, he can no longer look at a computer without f.lux. Thus, he uses the computer with very low brightness. Nothing confirms this speculation. Because, according to many F.lux users, F.lux really helps with eye strain and headaches from using their PC. It is thoroughly researched by the company to know the effect of too much exposure to computer screens to our eyesight,  as well as its relationship to sleep disorders.

Is f.lux a malware?

F.Lux is a legitimate app

F.lux is not malware. It is a legitimate app that can help users reduce blue light by 100%. You can install it from their official website at Visit their website and be able to install it in either Windows, Mac, or Linux. Do not attempt to download it from unknown server or it will become malware if you download it from a suspicious site.

Can I use the free version of f.lux on my work computer?

Yes, a free version of F.lux is available for personal use.

F.lux is a free download for Windows for personal use. But, if you are going to use it for work/ business, then you will have to pay for the site licenses using F.lux Corporate Edition. You have to pay $20 for the first ten devices and add $10 for an additional eleven devices. The service would include one year of updates to the software and update notification sent to your specified Technical Contact.

Where can I download Flux safely?

Download from

The best place to download and install F.lux is from F.lux official website, But, you can also download it from legitimate sites, tested 100% free of spyware, viruses, and other malware, such as Cnet, Digital Trends, Microsoft Store, Bluelight at Night, Soft Tonic, MacUpdate, Filehorse, and Techspot.

Is flux.exe causing High CPU Usage?

Flux exe will cause high CPU Usage only if it is not legitimate

In some cases, your computer will slow down, and you might wonder if it’s caused by F.lux. Since F.lux is an executable file, there may be a virus or malware transmitted through this exe file. You can check the location of the file to see if it is legitimate. Checking if it is legitimate or not is easy. If the developer is f.lux, it’s legit. If the developer is not listed or seems suspicious, uninstall the program as it may be the cause of High CPU Usage.

Does flux slow down the computer?

Flux will slow down the computer only if it is not legitimate

Generally, a legit F.lux app does not cause your computer to slow down. It will only happen if you install an F.lux executable file from an unknown source that probably carries a virus, spyware, or malware. You can scan in the Windows task manager, check the file location and check if the developer is F.lux. If the developer is suspicious, then you have to uninstall it immediately.