Is mee6 safe?

By Mohammad Alam Written by Mohammad Alam
Updated on April 14, 2022

MEE6 is a bot that is used to manage a server. To create and control your messages, you can use mee6. For example, you can use mee6 to control the environment of your server. 

Mee6 is completely safe. A large amount of Discord Servers/Communities use mee6 to manage their Discord servers and it is regarded as the most popular server managing bot. So, it is considered safe among the discord community.

What is the Mee6 bot on Discord?

MEE6 is a server-managing bot. The bot is designed to help server owners make their server’s management system automated. This bot gives the owner or the server administrator a unique website-based dashboard to control various automated server managing settings. 

If you can properly set up Mee6, it will allow you to give roles, manage messages, remove spam messages, kick or ban server members, etc. The Bot can also play music in the voice channels of Discord. In short, MEE6 is a bot made to manage servers easily and automated.

It makes your job easier to control the server. For example, a lot of people send inappropriate messages on the server. If you want to control the tone of the texts, you can simply use MEE6 to do the job. 

Another aspect of MEE6 is it provides the users with some points for texting. So the more you talk, the more points you will get. It encourages the users to talk about the community. 

The reward system of MEE6 has made it more famous among users. Recently it has come with some attractive avatars and so many other features which made the users try the bot once again. 

Is the Mee6 bot on Discord reliable?

MEE6 was considered one of the best bots of Discord in the past. It was very reliable in the past. Currently, MEE6 has made many of its features paid. This led to many concerns and many people of the community are starting to use alternatives. But the free features of this bot are still functional and reliable. 

Even though the features are reliable, their after-sales service has deteriorated over time. A lot of the users have complained about their aftersales service. But the available features are top-notch which makes the bot quite reliable. That is the reason why people are still using MEE6.

Is MEE6 a virus?

No, MEE6 is not a virus. It is a Discord bot that was made to automate the management part of a discord server at a certain level. Some people confuse the bot as a virus because the bot usually spams the inboxes of many members. 

For example, it sends messages like, “Subscribe to the newsletter,” “Checkout a channel or a threat in the Discord server,” etc. Discord users host giveaways using MEE6 which allows MEE6 to send messages to giveaway winners. 

Many giveaway winners misinterpret the giveaway text and count it as spam. Therefore, they consider the bot as a virus. 

Why does everyone hate mee6?

In the beginning, MEE6 was regarded as one of the best Discord server management bots. It had many free features which allured the users. It became famous among users for its amazing features. 

But later on, they made the bot pay. In the current year, many of the free features have been turned into paid features which somehow discouraged the users to rely on the bot. The paid version of the MEE6 has all the necessary features but as it is paid, users don’t prefer to use it. 

The entire community is quite unhappy with the changes. Other than that, according to the Discord community, MEE6 also has a very bad support team. The support team has numerous reports of behaving or handling many situations badly. 

The Bot also has a very sophisticated Dashboard/Interface which leads to many new server owners, admins, and moderators being confused and unable to utilize the bot. 

The bot also sometimes sends countless annoying messages to the server members which makes many server members angry. These are some of the major reasons why almost everyone in the discord community hates MEE6. 

Does MEE6 collect data?

MEE6 collects some basic account data such as the email address, the servers you have joined, the permissions you have given to the servers, etc. These pieces of information are taken to keep the track of the users. 

MEE6 also contains admin or admin-like privileges in a server which leads to it being able to collect server data but it is still not disclosed which data MEE6 collects. But these data are not harmful to the users. 

Discord tries its best to keep these data private. Because MEE6 is a bot for managing and controlling the type of messages you send, it needs certain information and permission. Hence, basic data is required.