Kayacat Review 

By Kathrina Jane Tiangco Written by Kathrina Jane Tiangco
Updated on July 24, 2023


The Kayacat is a compact catamaran which can be paddled as a Kayak, sailed as a sailboat, paddled as a Standing-up Paddle (SUP), rowed as a sliding seat oar, and even powered by an onboard engine for powered boating. Take a look at the fantastic video that precedes it. Because the Kayacat appears to fit within its own backpack, which can be carried on most flights as a carry-on backpack, and weighs 6 kg only, you probably wouldn’t believe it.

We can tell you that people haven’t used anything like this one before thanks to Kickstarter’s numerous original ideas and technology. The Kayacat is a must-have for everyone who enjoys being on the water. This innovative idea is suitable for backpackers looking for adventures every step of the way.

Kayacat Review

Because all of the sections of the Kayacat are interchangeable, removable, and adjustable, it features a modular architecture that unites the safety of a sailboat with a state-of-the-art expandable triple-layered composite float system. Kayacat offers a vast selection of accessories, and more are being added all the time. The leisure adventure begins with your commitment to a Kayacat.

When tried to compare to certain other watercraft, such as kayaks, the performance is outstanding. Users won’t need a watertight skirt, a suit, or anything else, and users won’t have to crawl under a rock on something that isn’t very solid. It’s enjoyable to play with, simple to build up and take down, and it’s robust and steady on the water.

However, some people have complained that it is difficult to sail since the water has a relatively low draft (hulls are extremely shallow). It’s also simple to drop stuff in the water since it’s a cat. Some users have misplaced a number of items that they are unable to replace. It’s tough to say if it’s worth purchasing because the spare parts service is so inadequate.

How Kayacat Works

The utilization of inflated reinforced rafts as well as customizable cross bracing, as well as a sturdy aluminum (or carbon fiber) chassis to which many of their APPS readily attach, is the secret to Kayacat’s lightweight, durability, and adaptability.

Second, the majority of paddle boards and inflatable kayaks are made of PVC, that is a hefty, thick, elastic, and unstable material that is completely unsuited for our purposes. It’s also known to be harmful to the environment. We employ a triple-layer composite method instead of PVC that provides amazing strength, stiffness, buoyancy, and dependability.

Kayacat Models

Kayacat Puma Review

This backpack allows you to canoe and SUP, as well as everything else you’ll need to get out on the ocean, and is the perfect companion for your holiday adventures or even alone moments in search of quiet. Whether you Kayak or SUP, the Kayacat Puma will be your own watercraft!

Due to the sheer cutting movement of its dual floats through the ocean, the Puma paddles very well. It’s also simple to maneuver and pivot at your leisure. It’s entertaining to use, quick to put up and take down, durable, and reasonably priced. It’s easy to use and weighs just 6kg, so it’s suitable for everyone from the age of 5 onwards.

Kayacat Cougar Review

The Kayacat Cougar arrives with everything that you need to get out on the ocean, which include a pump, paddles, and a cruising rig, so you can sail, paddle, or SUP! A roof rack isn’t necessary. The Kayacat Cougar seems to be a ready-to-sail out from the bag design (after inflating and installation). 

The sturdy structure provides extra reinforcement and connections for the telescoping mast and rudder. There is no surge, no tampering wires, and it’s never crusaded up or sank in extensive testing. Even when sailing upwind, it is built to bend and accept while still performing.

Kayacat Puma Inflatable Kayak Review

The base float, Puma frames, leash, paddle, and pump are all included, as well as everything else you’ll need to get out on the water. The core float is small because the cross struts are zipped up while in Puma mode. The feet may be put on the gripping foot-pads and the saddle can be changed to the best paddling posture. 

Kayaking, paddling, and SUPing are all great options as a consequence! Quickly unzip the lateral struts and stretch the seat to sail in wide form, and the Puma may be stretched to ‘wide mode’ using the seating extender rods which are included with the design.

Kayacat Cheetah Review

Reviews about kayacat cheetah are lacking since it’s still under development but a lot of its potential has been emerging and users are excited to see what this version and design will be about. Currently in development, kayak cheetah might just be another thing people who love to go out on the ocean be in love with.

Kayacat Benefits

When contrasted to other watercraft, such as kayaks, the effectiveness of Kayacat is outstanding. It’s entertaining to use, quick to put up and take down, durable, and reasonably priced. People of different ages and capacities may enjoy the Kayacat. We’ve seen kids as young as five years old transport and release Kayacats into the rivers, sea, and lakes on their own.