How to Use Klarna on Expedia

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on April 3, 2022

Expedia is one of those online travel sites that offer vast traveling choices for travelers. It is also now more convenient and affordable to travel now that they allow Klarna as payment.

To use Klarna on Expedia, you must use the Expedia service until the payment section. Then, you can select Klarna as a form of payment later.

Klarna on Expedia has helped people who lacked the budget to travel and afford flight or hotel booking services. It is also handy for emergency travels while being on a tight budget.

Also, the way Klarna doesn’t affect the credit score of their users has attracted more users. It is why both Klarna and Expedia have gained more users months after they knew of the integration of Klarna in Expedia.

Klarna on Expedia

Can you use Klarna on Expedia?

Yes, Klarna and Expedia announced their collaboration in April 2019 to allow gradual payments for their services. Since then, booking doesn’t require total payments from their users.

Some users were also glad that Klarna and Expedia did that. The reason is that total payments for travel can be expensive.

The same users also said that they can’t fully enjoy their trips and vacations because the money spent on the booking process is still on their minds. Now that it’s not the same case anymore, travelers can thoroughly enjoy worry-free trips and vacations.

It is a significant convenience for Klarna, Expedia, and their users that it happened.

Klarna on Expedia

Can You Use Klarna for Vacation?

Yes. Using Klarna for a planned vacation trip is possible. Many of its users have already been widely used for vacation purposes. 

Klarna is a versatile financing platform to pay for services and products. It includes your planned and unplanned travel needs. 

Also, more vacation-goers during the summer have relied on Klarna for payment. Easy and non-forceful transactions are what Klarna has provided them and what their users have known them for.

It’s not just for travel purposes. During a vacation trip, stores might be available everywhere. 

It is also the perfect time to use Klarna for buying specific products in installments. Of course, purchases can be limited depending on the users, but the convenience that Klarna brings makes up for it.

What Payment Methods does Expedia Accept?

Other than Klarna, there are multiple payment methods that Expedia allows for its users. It allows many types of people to use Expedia and, thus, is more profitable for the platform. Ukrainian Programmers Continue Working While Bombed

You can make Expedia payments with Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Debit Cards, and American Express. The ones mentioned are the most common method of payment amongst its users.

Some users even said that they have paid through Paypal, which is also a legitimate payment method. Other than the things mentioned above, there are no other known methods of payment that Expedia accepts.

Still, it is not the final list of the possible payment methods. If you want to know if your other payment method is acceptable, you can contact Expedia support at their website.

Klarna on Expedia

How to Use Klarna on Expedia

Using Klarna on Expedia is quick and convenient. However, it is unavoidable that some people still need help on this.

Follow these quick steps to use Klarna on Expedia:

Step 1: Choose an Expedia Service.

First, you have to go to Expedia’s website using your web browser, preferably on a PC. Alternatively, you can use the Expedia app available in the AppStore and play store. 

Now you have to choose whether you want to stay, book a flight, rent a car, packages, and things to do. You can pick one from the choices that will appear when you go to their website.

Step 2: Customize your Choices.

When you are done with the first step, you can customize your searches after. You can apply filters that include the ratings, your preferred budget, payment type, property type, and more. 

Most probably, a lot of results will appear after. You can browse all of them to ensure that you pick the most suitable place or service for you.

Step 3: Continue to Payment.

After filling up the details needed, you can proceed to the checkout. Select your payment method, preferably one of the available from the lists. 

How Do I Select Klarna at Checkout?

The Klarna option will not be available instantly. It will not be a surprise for ‘veteran’ Klarna users.

You cannot ‘select’ Klarna at checkout because it will not show up. Instead, you have to go to Klarna and create a one-time card.

The Klarna one-time card will enable users to split the purchase price between online stores or booking sites. When you create a one-time card, you can proceed to the booking site or online store’s checkout as usual.

Choose the ‘credit card’ payment and input the Klarna one-time card’s details in it. 

Why Is Klarna Not Showing at Checkout?

Klarna will not show at the checkout for most of the sites. Klarna integration works through a one-time use card that will be an acting credit card for payment.

The advantage of this is it enables you not to pay the total price to buy or benefit from a site’s service. 

Klarna on Expedia

Alternatives to Using Klarna for

Pay-over-time services are more common nowadays, and Klarna isn’t the first one to do it. There are also alternatives to check out.

Affirm, Sezzle, Afterpay, Laybuy, Quadpay, Splitit, ViaBill, GoCardless, J2store, Sunbit, Four, FuturePay,, PayPal Credit, and Zebit. Also, these are not the only possible alternatives, and there might be more out there.