Sneaker Stores That Accept Klarna

Who doesn’t own a sneaker? There are plenty of reasons why people love to buy sneakers. Sneakers are primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise, but now it could mean a status symbol to people wearing them. Today, the younger generation is becoming more obsessed with having a pair of sneakers, especially since more big personalities are endorsing them. Not only that those are trendy, but sneakers are also more comfortable to wear than a pair of sandals, heels, or leather shoes. As older you get, the more you prioritize comfort. Over the years, the demand for sneakers has become high due to their integration with sports like basketball. Shoppers are now willing to spend more money on sneakers. But there are ways to buy trendy shoes more affordably and flexibly. 

Klarna is partnering with a wide array of sneaker shops that offers trendy sneaker on an installment basis, including: 

  1. Jimmy Jazz
  2. Sneaks843 Sneaker Boutique
  3. Finishline
  4. Foot Locker
  5. Hibbett|City Gear
  6. Journeys
  7. Shoecarnival
  8. Shoe Sensation
  9. Nike

You can go directly to their website or browse using the Klarna app to find the store that you want. Either way, they provide shoppers the smoothest shopping experience, where they can own their dream sneaker in more affordable and flexible payment terms.

5 famous sneaker shoes on a pink table drawer

How to buy sneakers using Klarna?

There are a few ways on how to buy a sneaker using Klarna.  You can choose from the following modes to use Klarna when shopping for your dream sneakers. 

Step 1: Use Klarna App or Browser

  1. You can go to the Klarna app or Klarna browser. 
  2. Hover over the “Shop” and Select ‘Klarna Stores’.
  3. Either choose the ‘Sports and Outdoor’ category or type the name a sneaker store in the search engine. 
  4. Browse, add to cart, then head to the checkout.
  5. Choose the Klarna payment option and complete the details needed.
  6. Monitor your purchase through the app.
Klarna store page with Raven  + Lily, Farfetch,  Jimmy Jazz, GameStop shops with current discounts.

Step 2: Use Klarna in-store

  1. Using the Klarna app or browser, hover over the “Shop” and tap the ‘in-store’ and it will route you to another window.
  2. Find the sneaker store that you want to shop with
  3. Set a spending budget and payment plan
  4. Create a one-time virtual card and add it to your Apple or Goole pay.
  5. Head to the physical store and shop. 

Step 3: Go directly to retailer shop website or apps

  1. Go directly to a sneaker shop website or apps 
  2. Select the item that you want, add to cart, then head to check out.
  3. Follow the retailer shop policy for payment and check out.
  4. Choose the Klarna payment option upon check out. Usually, you will receive a notification that your payment has been approved. 
  5. Manage your payment plan. Klarna will collect the first payment after you have the item. 

What shoe companies use Klarna?

Not all shoe companies are open to Klarna, nor accept any financing app as a payment method. But here are the top shoe companies where you can buy a pair of sneakers at ease with flexible payment terms. They offer buy now pay later through financing apps like Klarna. 

  1. Nike
  2. Reebok
  3. Adidas
  4. Converse
  5. Balenciaga 
  6. Saint Laurent
  7. Filling Pieces
  8. Vans

You can visit their websites or apps for the Klarna payment terms and plans. You can refer to the page FAQs or payment policies and terms for more details on how you can complete your purchase using Klarna. 

Which shoe stores offer in-store shopping with Klarna?

Klarna In-store lets shoppers buy their items, like a pair of sneakers or whatever they want, in a physical store of a specific brand. All you need to do is browse in Klarna In-Store with your chosen brand and create a virtual card to add them to your Apple or Google wallet. Then, you can go straight ahead to the physical store and tap to pay. Here are the shoe stores you can find in Klarna In-Store: 

  1. Foot Locker
  2. Foot Action 
  3. Hibbett
  4. Jimmy Jazz
  5. Journeys
  6. Lululemon
  7. Shoe Sensation 
  8. Timberland
  9. Under Armour

Can you use a Klarna ghost card in-store to buy sneakers?

Absolutely! Yes, you can use the Klarna ghost card in-store to buy sneakers.  To pay in-store using Klarna, you need to have Apple wallet or Google pay set up. Begin by logging in to the Klarna app or visit the Klarna website and check the Klarna In-Store section. Choose from the list of where you want to buy your sneaker shoes.  Once you are done, you can set your spending limit and generate a ghost card for that store. The system will give you an option to link to your Apple Wallet or Google pay, and now you’re ready to go. Pay at the counter using Google Pay or Apple pay as your payment method. Keep in mind that the ghost card you created is specific to the store that you chose and can never be used at any other sneaker store.