New router with "no internet" issue 

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Updated on February 3, 2023

Nothing is more annoying than losing your internet connection to your new router. Besides being a hassle, it can also cause a lot of problems in your work or even in your business. What’s worse is that you are also losing money because of it.

Although the loss of internet connection is a common issue with routers, there’s always a fix for it. Sometimes, basic troubleshooting would work, such as restarting, hard rebooting, etc. But sometimes fixing is not always straightforward. This article will provide with some troubleshooting steps

Why does my new router not connect to the internet? 

When you encounter a “WiFi connected but no Internet” error, it is definitely a huge disaster. The problem is, there is no single resolution to resolve this. Its cause is also hard to figure out. Often cited as the reason for lost internet connection are:

  1. cables are not connected properly.
  2. physical damage to your router
  3. the position of your router
  4. signal interference, and misconfiguration
  5. changes in the settings of your router
  6. You may try several troubleshooting steps to figure out what caused the issue.

How long does it take for a new router to connect to the Internet?

Connecting your new router to the internet may take 5 to 20 minutes.

The new router should automatically connect to the internet smoothly. It can take 5 to 20 minutes to completely connect to the internet, depending on your connection speed. Just let it connect for a few minutes until the internet LED lights become a steady green or white. If it is blinking or steady red, there may be a problem with your connection indicating that you do not have internet.

Steps to resolve no internet connection to my new netgear router? 

One of the trusted producers of the best Wi-Fi routers in terms of quality, speed, and durability is Netgear. But even this great brand also experiences internet outages. There are a few ways to troubleshoot if you encounter no internet connection on your router.

Step 1: Check if the cause is your ISP or not.

Check whether the cause is your ISP by trying to connect your device directly to your modem. If there’s an internet connection, then reconnect your device back to Netgear.

Step 2: Reboot

Try rebooting your device or the router itself. Allow a few seconds to power it on to refresh the system.

Step 3: Check all cables.

Check all cables are connected to the device properly.

Step 4: Check all LED lights.

Ensure LED lights are lit with solid white or green. If it’s blinking or red, refer to the router manual on how to fix the light status.

If you still have no internet connection, then check NETGEAR Support.

How to fix no internet with the new sky hub?

Try basic troubleshooting when you cannot connect to your Sky Hub.

Step 1: Check your phone line sound.

Check if there is hissing, crackling, or no dial tone. The phone should sound normal with a single beep. Otherwise, contact support.

Step 2: Check your Sky Hub setup.

Sky Hub must be set up correctly. Microfilter must be plugged in correctly on the telephone socket. Plug your Sky Hub into the correct port. Ensure all devices are connected to the microfilter using the Sky phone port. Use a splitter when you have multiple devices connected.

Step 3: Reboot your Sky Hub

Press the reset button of your Sky Hub found at the back of the device. Step 3: Allow a few seconds before pressing the power on. Check all LED lights are lit and not blinking. Try accessing the internet by typing into your browser. 

How to fix no internet issue with the new spectrum router?

There are a few steps that you can do to fix no internet connection to your Spectrum router.

Step 1: Check if there’s a network-wide outage.

Go to Spectrum’s website to check if there’s an existing network-wide outage. You can Manage Push Notifications from the Spectrum app to keep you posted on any outages.

Step 2: Check your setup.

If there’s no outage, then the problem could be your Spectrum Wifi at home. Check all cables and ports it they are stable and connected properly.

Step 3: Reboot

The most basic and most effective troubleshooting is to power cycle your device. This will refresh your system.

Step 4: Check your device.

It could be an issue with your device. Make sure that Wi-Fi is enabled, and check your firewalls that could be blocking it.

Step 5: Consider upgrading your modem or router.

If none of these works, try calling 24/7 online chat or call Spectrum support at (833) 267-6094.

Why does my new Verizon FIOS router have WiFi but no internet?

There are a few reasons why a new Verizon FIOS router has WiFi but no internet connection. The most common is your router setup. Firstly, check if it’s turned on. Then,  check your router if all cables are plugged correctly into their designated ports.