OBS Mac M1

OBS Studio, originally known as Open Broadcaster Software, is a screencasting and streaming program that is free, open-source, and cross-platform. It’s compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSD. The Open Collective and Patreon platforms are used by the OBS Project to raise funding. OBS Studio is used to capture and record video from a variety of sources, including webcams, desktop screens, game consoles, and more.

OBS users have been looking for a new native version of OBS for the new Mac M1 chip. Streamers have been asking around to know if OBS has any plans regarding launching a native version of the software for the M1 chip. But so far no such news has surfaced, but many custom compiled OBS has hit the internet that works smoothly on the Mac M1 chip.

OBS is a powerful tool that gives users a lot of control over their video and audio streams. The software is used by millions of people around the world for a variety of purposes, including gaming, online teaching, webinars, and more. The OBS team welcomes new contributors. The developers enjoy discovering new custom builds and highly encourage it.

Does OBS run on Mac M1?

OBS runs on the Mac M1 chip but it is unable to totally utilize the potential of the super-powerful chip. Currently, if you install OBS on your Mac M1 it will run on rosetta 2 because of not being a native version. If there was an OBS native version for the Mac M1 then it directly runs on the chip without any intermediaries and attains full potential.

The OBS team is currently working on a native version of OBS for the Mac M1 chip. The team is hopeful that the new version will be able to take full advantage of the potential of the super-powerful chip. In the meantime, users can install OBS on their Mac M1 computers and use it with Rosetta 2.

Is there any native version of OBS for Mac M1?

There is no native version of OBS for the Mac M1 chip. It is highly rumored that the developers are working on a new native version of the software. Streamers are eagerly waiting and continuously asking for the software update as soon as possible.

The OBS team is aware of the desire for a Mac M1 chip native version of OBS. The team is currently working on a new native version of the software, which they hope will be able to fully use the super-powerful chip’s capabilities.

Streamers have complained that the OBS macOS version doesn’t do well with the Mac M1 chip. They have stated that the streams are sloppy and unstable in the M1. Where it was much much better with the previous Macbooks. Now it is becoming difficult for the new Mac M1 users because they are facing difficulties with running OBS on their new Apple device.

How does OBS perform on Mac M1?

The stock Intel version for MacOs does not run well and many streamers have heavily complained. The stock OBS version’s performance is very sloppy and unstable.  Many users have stated that it was much better on the older Macbooks. 

The new Mac M1 users are struggling as they can’t seem to get OBS working perfectly on their new device. OBS has not yet released a native version for Mac M1 chips, and the current Intel version does not perform well on the new devices.

How does custom compiled OBS work on the Mac M1?

As there has been no official release of any OBS version for the Mac M1 chip. Many have created their own version and has been sharing their custom compiled OBS version for the M1 chip.  These versions work great and give users the best possible experience.

The custom compiled versions can sometimes have bugs and errors that need to be looked out for before installing them on your device. Search and look for reviews and user experience before installing. 

Custom builds of OBS for the Mac M1 are working great for the streamers who were facing trouble before and now using these custom builds for everyday use.

Do the unofficial compiles solve the issues on Mac M1?

The unofficial compiles do not solve the whole issue; there may be some lingering problems that you might face from using the build for some time. But having an official version is totally different from any custom builds.

The unofficial compiles have been highly appreciated by the OBS community. These versions are being used by Streamers with the M1 chip. There have been no such problems thus far. The compiled OBS for M1 has been able to perform as per requirement from the streamers and these are being used as their go-to version with the Mac M1 chip. 

The OBS team has not yet released an official version for the Mac M1 chip. The current unofficial compiles are solving most of the performance issues that were faced on the Intel version. 

If you’re looking for help with using OBS, you can check out the OBS Forum. The forum is a great place to ask questions, share your tips and tricks, and find solutions to problems.