OBS Virtual Background

Video-conferencing is a major feature OBS provides streamers across all its versions. OBS is preferred based on its flexible support for virtual backgrounds that allows streamers personalize content with ease.

OBS Studio software provides streamers enough support to create virtual backgrounds in four (4) simple steps. All streamers need to create an OBS virtual background is to add a camera, chroma key, preferred image, and start streaming. 

Completing the steps to create a functioning OBS virtual background will be easy with correct information. That’s why this guide looks at vital details to help you create and use virtual backgrounds on OBS with ease.  

How to Create a Background in OBS

Step 1: Launch OBS

Launch the OBS Studio app already installed on your computer. Consider turning off all unnecessary apps before running OBS to get a smoother experience overall.

Step 2: Go to Sources panel and click ‘+’

At the bottom left corner, in the Sources tab, click on the ‘+’ sign to reveal a pop-up menu with different options. The pop-up menu allows you add sources like webcam, display capture, audio, images, and much more. 

Step 3: Choose Video Capture Device from pop-up menu options

The Video Capture Device allows OBS capture images directly from your webcam or other connected video source. Click on Video Capture Device from the list of options and it will direct you to a window to name your new source. 

Give your new source a name and then click OK. After clicking OK, you should notice your face on screen. 

If you have more than one camera connected, select your webcam or the secondary video device from the dropdown list. Next, click OK and your webcam will display on-screen and appear under Sources. 

Step 4: Chose ‘Image’ from pop-up menu

Next, select Image from Sources options and click OK. 

After selecting Image from the list of options, give it any name you want and click OK to save it.  

Step 5: Click Browse and choose a background image

Clicking Browse will open a directory of all files on your computer. Select any image you want as your background from the files available on your system and click OK. 

You can use solid colors, pre-designed backgrounds, and other visual content to create a background on OBS. 

Can I Add Virtual Background in OBS?

OBS Studio allows streamers add virtual backgrounds to their live or recorded feeds after a few settings. Streamers can add a virtual background of their choosing and switch between backgrounds during streams. 

How to Add Virtual Background in OBS

Step 1: Launch OBS

Open OBS on your computer and update it to its latest version. 

Step 2: Select Sources and click ‘+’

On the Sources panel, click ‘+’ to reveal a list of options for you to add connected devices. 

Step 3: Add Video Capture Device

Select Video Capture Device and select your webcam from the list of options if you’ve got more than one camera connected. 

Step 4: Right-click source

Next, right-click your preferred source to open a pop-up menu with several options. After right-clicking the source, move to the bottom of all options and select Filters. 

Step 5: Click ‘+’ under Filters

After clicking Filters, you will be redirected to two tabs with different buttons. Select the ‘+’ button under Filters to open another window. 

Step 6: Add chroma key

Next, add chroma key from the list of available options. 

Can I Get Green Screen in OBS?

OBS features solid green hues that allow users create a virtual background without an actual green screen. 

How to Add Green Screen to OBS

Step 1: Launch OBS

Open the latest version of OBS on your PC. 

Step 2: Click Sources 

On the Sources tab, click ‘+’ to add an image source to your active sources.

Step 3: Select ‘Image’

Next, select an image source to get your solid green image. 

Step 4: Name image source and click OK

Next, name your green image however you want and click OK.

Step 5: Click Browse and select a solid green image

You will be redirected to browse your computer or other source for a solid green image to use as a background. 

How to Make Webcam Background Transparent in OBS

Step 1: Launch OBS

Open OBS on your computer after downloading its package and installing it from obsproject.com.

Step 2: Go to Sources and click ‘+’

Next, go to Sources and click ‘+’ to add a color source. 

Step 3: Add Color Source and choose white

Select white from the list of color sources, name it, and click OK. 

Step 4: Add Luma Key effects 

Next, right-click on the color source and add luma key effects. After that, set the Luma max to 0 to make a transparent webcam background.