How to use Klarna to buy Off White

Off-White is one of the world’s leading fashion brands and one of the most successful elusive Streetwear brands. In 2012, American designer Virgil Abloh with his sheer talent, launched Off-white to show his disruptive approach to the streetwear fashion industry. Since then, the brand has become highly sought-after and one of the hottest items in the fashion industry. Currently, Off-white doesn’t accept Klarna as a payment option. They only accept all major Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Discover, JCB, and Union Pay), Paypal, and some local payments like Alipay, Sofort, and iDeal. 

The only way to use Klarna in buying Off-White is through a Retailer store that accepts Klarna, such as Crepslocker, Luxo Fashion, Guiliofashion, and Notorious Plug. You can add to the cart as usual, then select Klarna pay in 4 at the checkout. 

Another option is to use a Klarna banking-issued visa debit card at any Off-white store. Head to the store, shop, and present your Klarna visa debit card to the counter. 

Off-White Spring 2020 Menswear Collection  in Vogue

Does Off-White accept Klarna? 

Unfortunately, Off-white has no partnership with any financing app, including Klarna. Thus, using Klarna at any Off-White store is not an option at the moment. You can check out at Off-white stores with other payment options, including credit cards, Paypal, Alipay, Sofort, and iDeal. The only way you can use Klarna is by buying from a third-party store that sells authentic Off-white merchandise.  

Steps on how to use Klarna in Off-white stores

Although Off-white doesn’t accept Klarna at the moment, few stores offer Klarna pay in 4 plan. Here’s a walkthrough on how you can purchase Off-White merchandise in a retailer store:

Step 1: Go to the Off-White affiliated store you are ready to shop with.

You can check the web for any third-party stores that sell Off-White and accept Klarna financing. You can simply type in simple keywords in any web browser to look for a store. You can choose from Crepslocker, Luxo Fashion, Guiliofashion, and Notorious Plug.

Steps on how to use Klarna in Off-white stores

Step 2: Choose your Product Category 

On the landing page, it usually will give you a list of Off-White merchandise or you can narrow down your search by choosing a category. You can also type in the specific item that you like on the search engine of the page.

Steps on how to use Klarna in Off-white stores

Step 3: Add to shopping cart

Once you are decided, add your item to your shopping cart at any time. Review the details first, including size, quantity, shipping option, and delivery rates, product description, payment option, and etc.

Steps on how to use Klarna in Off-white stores

Step 4: Check out using Klarna

Head out to check out and select Klarna pay in 4 before completing the order. If you have a Klarna account, it will automatically route you to the Klarna app. But, if it is your first time using it, download the Klarna app from Appstore or Playstore. You can also download a browser extension if you are using a desktop or laptop. Complete the required field and make sure that all your information is correct before proceeding. You will receive a notification and schedule of payments once you are approved. 

Step 5: Manage your payment

Take note that Klarna will only charge you for the first payment once the item has been shipped. The succeeding payment will be collected every 2 weeks. It is also recommended to manage your payments in the Klarna app to keep track of your account. Every other store may differ in terms of their payment terms. Hence, it is best to know more about Klarna in each third-party seller. You can always visit their policies or FAQs. 

How does Off-White buy now pay later works in retail stores?

Nowadays, more merchants opt to collaborate with fintech companies that offer buy now pay later, like Klarna. They provide additional payment options to the customer by offering an installment basis. Although Off-White doesn’t accept Klarna in their official store, Off-White has more affiliated stores in the market that can accept Klarna as a payment. This is how Off-White buys now pay later works in retail stores: 

Step 1: Upon check out on any affiliated stores of Off-White, customers will have an option to select Klarna to pay in 4 without interest. 

Step 2: Klarna will do a soft credit check to the customer and review the order. 

Step 3: Once approved, Klarna will send a schedule of payments.

Step 4: The first payment will be charged once the item is received, then the remaining amounts will be charged every two weeks.  

Alternatives to using Klarna to buy Off-White

Few financing apps offer a buy now pay later plan when buying Off-White. They can be useful in case you encounter issues using Klarna. Here are some of the alternative financing apps that you can use: 

  1. Afterpay
  2. Affirm
  3. PayPal Credit
  4. Quadpay 
  5. Sezzle

These fintech companies usually have the same installment terms. It is best to review their pros and cons to check the best financing plan for you. Also, check the payment option of a specific retail store to ensure smooth transaction.