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Updated on May 16, 2022

Verizon, the world’s leading provider of technology and communications services offers mobile broadband internet access services, smartphone deals, and wireless plans. In the year 2005, Verizon expanded and began offering cable services to their consumers. Today, you can pick a TV plan with Fios using a 100% fiber-optic network.

It is easy to avail cable service to your internet package with Verizon. However, sometimes it is a bit of a hassle to set up your new cable box. Several users have reported an “OOB not detected” error while setting up their cable service, even after being activated. Out-of-band or OOB is data used by Set-Top Box or Cable box, to supply data streams that sustain its downstream operation, and convey responses and commands from the STB upstream. Problems with OOB would cause issues viewing channels on your cable services. Thus, Understanding the possible cause of this error would help you find a fix for you to enjoy the cable services.

Not all Fios subscribers are tech-savvy to know what to do in case of issues like this. Therefore, understanding the possible root cause of the “OOB not detected ” error and knowing some basic troubleshooting techniques would help a lot because waiting for an appointment from the support team can have dire outcomes.

What does OOB not detected mean?

OOB not detected error means a problem with the coaxial port on the ONT

OOB not detected error is one of the most common problems with cable services of Verizon. But what does it mean? When you see an “OOB not detected” it could mean that the coaxial port on the Optical Network Terminal​ (ONT) is probably not enabled, or it was mistakenly connected.

Another problem is having an “OOB not detected” error in your set-top box (STB), which causes a blank TV screen with no audio, and no channels. Sometimes, it is caused by the STB coax not working, coax cables are damaged, defective ONT and ONT port, or it was connected the wrong way.

How to fix OOB Not Detected error?

To fix the “OOB not detected” error, you must understand first the cause of the problem. There are several reasons why the “OOB has not detected” error appears on your cable setup. As previously mentioned, it can be caused by set-top box coax problems, defective coax cables, faulty ONT and ONT port, or it was connected the wrong way. Here are some of the steps that can help you resolve the “OOB not detected” error.

Way #1: Reboot set-top box. 

It is the most basic troubleshooting technique that you can do to refresh the system. Try to unscrew the coax cable. If the issue persists, send it to a field technician. 

Way #2: Inspect your coax 

Make sure that the coax cable is hooked correctly on the ONT. Check if there’s any tear in your coax cables, then replace them as necessary. 

Way #3: Check your ONT 

If cables are properly connected but you still get an “OOB not detected” error, check your ONT. The light should be green and flashing. A red light would indicate there is a problem with your ONT. Try rebooting/resetting your ONT by unplugging the power cable and plugging it back in. Also, check if the ONT coax port is enabled. If doesn’t work, call Verizon to enable.

What causes the OOB Not Detected error?

Here are some of the most common reasons why the “OOB has not detected” error appears on your cable setup: 

  1. The in-house coax is not connected to the ONT properly
  2. The Optical Network Terminal​ coax port is not enabled
  3. Faulty coax cables
  4. Faulty Optical Network Terminal
  5. Defective splitter 

How common is OOB Not Detected error?

“OOB has not detected” error is not the most common problem.

“OOB has not detected” error is not the most common problem in Verizon. There are more reports of signal problems since the box relies on the internet to provide TV listings than the “OOB has not detected” error. “OOB has not detected” error will likely appear if there is human error on how it was set up or more likely a faulty ONT or coax cables. These issues are easy to fix and can be resolved even by a non-tech-savvy end user.

Similar or common problems to OOB Not Detected error

The “OOB Not Detected” error is only one of the issues you might encounter in Verizon cable services. Some similar issues include but are not limited to: 

TV is showing No Signal

Like the “OOB not detected” error, no signal would also mean that FiOS cables are not working properly. You can try to reset the Fios box manually by restarting the TV box and the router. Unplug the power cord from the back of your TV box and router for a few seconds. Then, plug back in and let it restart. 

Fios TV One Stuck on Preparing Network Connection

If the ethernet, coaxial, or power cables are not connected properly, your TV can have problems communicating over the network which causes the ‘Preparing Network Connection’ issue. The same with the “OOB not detected” error, you may want to make sure that all the cable connections to your Fios TV One are secure and are connected to their designated ports. 

Issues with Set-top-box (STB) 

Common issues with STB include Missing Interactive Media Guide (IMG) or On-Demand menu, Unresponsive Set-Top Box, and DVR recording problems. These issues are usually fixed by resetting your Router and Set-Top Box.