Open Discord in Browser

By Mohammad Alam Written by Mohammad Alam
Updated on August 4, 2023

Discord is a popular platform for communicating with people. It provides various interesting and useful features that the users love. Besides its standalone app, you can also open Discord in a browser to enjoy all its features.

Discord Web also comes with all the amazing features that a user looks for. Opening Discord in a browser is a simple task. You just need to visit the website and log into your account or sign up if you don’t have any. You should be able to enjoy the software. 

Open Discord in browser

How to open Discord in a web browser on a desktop?

To begin your activity on Discord, you will need to create an account temporarily. Later on, you’ll be able to make the account permanent. 

  1. Open whichever browser you use then visit the website of Discord. 
  2. Select the option “Open Discord” in my browser. 
  3. Create a username and move on with the process. Press the arrow sign to go to the next step.
    Keep in mind that the username doesn’t need to be something unique. You will be able to use a combination of 4-digit numbers to make your username different from others.
  4. Then, you will have to check the box to ensure that you are not a robot. You might need to complete a captcha. 
  5. If you know how to use Discord, press the Skip option. If you have any doubts, follow the instructions shown on the screen. 
  6. Enter your email address and password. Afterward, if you want to register the account, you will have to press the “Claim Account” or you can skip the step. If someone has sent you an invitation link to join a server, press the Join option. 

    Now you are all set to use Discord in a web browser on a desktop.

How to open Discord in a browser on Android?

Usually, people use the Discord app when they’re on a mobile device. But you can still use Discord without downloading the app. For that, you will just have to go to your browser. Read on to find out how to log on into Discord on a browser.

If you already have an account, go to the login option and sign in to your account using your email address and password. If you don’t have an account and want to use a Discord browser login, register using the procedure mentioned above. 

How to open Discord in a browser on iOS?

In the same manner, you will be able to open Discord in a web browser on iOS. You will have to visit the site of Discord in Safari. Once you are on the site, go to “Options” and click the AA button. Press the “Request Desktop Site.” 

You’ll be able to use Discord in an iOS web browser. 

Does Discord Web have all the features?

Discord Web has most of the features mentioned below. Hence, it is so popular among users. There are some features not yet available on the browser version. The available features are given below: 

Video background

If you are not happy with the background while video calling with your friends, you can simply choose a background from the different options available on Discord. You can also use a custom background. 

Chat and texting option

You can chat with your friends or in the community that you’ve joined. You’ll be able to discuss different topics, share your thoughts and talk about many other things.


People always have different queries about different things. You can simply ask your question in your Discord community. The members of the community can help you with a useful solution. 

Keyboard navigation

We often feel too lazy to reach our mouse or you just like to use your keyboard, Discord has the perfect solution for your liking. Discord currently has the entire keyboard navigation option. This will allow you to use your keyboard in whichever way you prefer. 

Video calls 

You can connect to your friends or community by video calling them on Discord. Set up your camera, check your microphone, and you’ll be good to go. 

Connect to communities

The best part about Discord is that you will be able to connect to different communities and servers. It has separate communities for gamers, musicians, readers, and so on. You can easily find people of your kind. 

Custom status 

The web version of Discord allows you to share custom statuses like what you are doing, what you are up to in life, etc. Just like you put a status on Facebook, Discord also gives you the option of putting a custom status. 

Can you use Discord Web while gaming?

Of course, you can use Discord Web while gaming. Discord is the most popular server to communicate with gamers. Both the Discord Web browser and the app provide the option of overlaying while playing a game.