Outdrive Jack

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Updated on August 13, 2023

An outdrive jack is necessary to fix outdrive motors with ease. They can come in handy for servicing other engines if they possess an adjustable design.   

An outdrive jack helps boaters service their outboard engines with greater ease and accuracy. They could come with extensions and commercial options usually feature a more customizable setup. 

In this guide, you’ll get essential information about the marine outdrive jack and the top options available on the market. And if you’re keen to build one from scratch, this guide provides correct DIY tips to assist you. 

What is an Outdrive Jack Stand?

An outdrive jack stand is a mechanical equipment designed to support one-person installation and removal of outdrives. The outdrive jack stand promotes easy inspection, servicing, and maintenance of outdrives and different engines. 

Outdrive jack stands promotes better movement of motors and require minimal servicing to function. Most stands are designed entirely out of metal, but DIY-stands could feature wood fittings in their final design. 

Best Outdrive Jack Stands for Sale 

1. RCR Bravo Jack stand without Extensions

The jack stand is designed with durable steel tubing best for retaining heavy-duty gear even with its lightweight construction. It also supports fork extensions (sold separately) to promote better use with larger outdrives. 

Most outdrive with flat undersides on their cavitation plate will fit nicely into this unit. It cost $365 at eBay and supports extension add-ons ($30 extra)

2. Brownell Boat Stands SD3 Heavy-Duty

The Brownell SD3 is an ideal outdrive stand designed for heavy-duty motors. It comes with a superb adjusting potential and can retain heavy weights across three different axes. 

A cart handle features on the jack stand to promote easier transportation and maneuverability. It weighs 165 lbs and can comfortably lift outdrives of up to 500 lbs. 

A single order for this outdrive stand costs $2,470 at Brownell

Best Outdrive Jack for Small Engines

Sternmaster Marine Tools Installation and Removal Cart

The Sternmaster Marine Drive Jack is designed to ease maneuverability across tight spaces and fit most drives with ease. It has a lightweight construction and weighs less than 60 lbs (58 lbs).

The stern drive jack also features a height adjustment system designed to support outdrives 14” to 40” above ground. A removable oil pan tray is placed under the jack to make drive lube changes for motors pretty simple.

5” rubber wheels come with each order, and it is available at Amazon and other stores at different retail prices. 

How to Use an Outdrive Jack Stand 

Step 1: Measure the ground-outdrive distance

Get a tape and measure the distance between the bottom panel of your outdrive and flooring in your work area. Taking accurate measurements makes it easy to slide the stand underneath and avoid accidents. 

Step 2: Place stand under outdrive to sit on the jack’s supports or top board

Position your stand under the outdrive and make sure both receiving handles support its bottom properly. Next, secure the outdrive onto your stand with screws or a harness (if included).

Step 3: Detach outdrive from the boat’s transom area

Use a matching set of screwdrivers, spanners, and other tools to detach your outboard from its connector at your boat’s transom. 

Step 4: Roll out outdrive jack stand for easy maintenance 

Use the wheels on your outdrive to easily pull out engines due for servicing and maintenance from its connector. Outdrive jack stands could also prove useful for the disassembly of boat units with light or heavy engines. 

How to Design a Homemade Outdrive Jack Stand 

Step 1: Get the required items

You’ll need a measuring tape, pencil, handsaw, nail driver, and workbench fitted with clamps to cut required wood lengths. 

You’ll need a 30”x18” dolly and 36 to 40 screws to build this stand. 

Step 2: Cut wood lengths 

Use the handsaw to cut wood into two 10-inch 2×4 planks, two 24-inch 2×4 planks, and four 17” 2×4 planks. Also, cut two 24-inch 1×4 planks for the top of your outdrive stand. 

Step 3: Create the base of outdrive stand

Get two 24-inch 2×4 planks and screw them across each support of your dolly. Make sure both planks measure 5.5” apart (inner edges) and 12” (outer edge) before screwing them onto the dolly. 

Planks should be parallel with the longer parts of your dolly and screwed onto the ends bearing roller wheels. 

Step 4: Add supports for top 

Next, screw supporting 2×4 planks, while ensuring each support plank is 5” apart from both ends. Both supports must have their inner spacing at 5.5” – 6” to know you’re accurate.  

Step 5: Add bracing

Next, add bracings made of 10-inch 2×4 planks to the bottom and top end of two support columns.  

Step 6: Screw in the top of your outdrive stand

Finally, place the top board of the outdrive stand. 

You might also decide to replace the wooden supports of your outdrive stand with a lawnmower jack. Installing a lawnmower jack on a dolly will provide the adjustability required to move outdrives with ease.