Everything you need to know about outline.com

By Dan Catapang Written by Dan Catapang
Updated on August 21, 2022

Online, there are countless sites that publish and re-publishes articles. However, not all of them are popular and widely used. Only a few are well-known and are useful to readers. Needless to say, the competition is tight and intense. Thus, the features and services really matter. 

Outline.com is one of the few sites that effectively caught the attention of many readers. As a matter of fact, it has hundreds of thousands of users because of its interesting and convenient service. To be specific, anyone can access and read published articles on Outline.com without having to experience inconvenience in registering credentials—which is a hassle most of the time. 

outline com

There’s more to know about Outline.com because of how much it did bring convenience to a lot of readers who want to access articles and popular news pages easily. So, continue reading to discover more about it. 


Outline.com saves countless readers who don’t want to be bombarded with ads or be required to register credentials just to get access and read. As a matter of fact, it is popularly known as a distraction-free reading site wherein the readers can read republished materials. 

Certainly, outline.com has been a very useful paywall bypass service, which features original materials from other informative sites, such as The New York Times. To be specific, it is a free web service that annotates articles and also removes the clutter involving them. 

Outline.com also comments on those articles, making it easier for the readers to understand them in a short reading process. Ultimately, thousands of readers depend on the site since it aims to verify the facts, preventing the spread of misinformation. 


Outline.com services are pretty simple. The primary service is about providing popular articles and news pages to readers—highly accessible and ad-free. This service means a distraction-free reading advantage, which many readers like about the site. Of course, it is one of the charms Outline.com has. 

As mentioned above, Outine.com has also made it possible for its users to feel excellently convenient in using the site because of the register-free requirement of credentials. Simply put, it is a no-hassle site that offers pretty much functionality regarding accessing articles. 

Since there is no need to register anything on the site, Outline.com undoubtedly provides free service for everyone to enjoy. That kind of service made the site more well-known to readers, accumulating hundreds of thousands of users. 


Like its purpose, Outline.com has its popularity centered around being a reliable and free-reading site. Simply put, it is more well-known to readers who do not want to pay any money but want to uninterruptedly read articles. 

outline com

At the same time, it is also well-known as a site that allows people to see popular news pages without requiring them to register their credentials. In short, Outline.com has a great reputation when it comes to bringing a convenient and seamless solution to access articles and enjoy a distraction-free reading experience. 

One thing is certain with Outline.com; it is a useful site that readers have taken advantage of according to its services. 

Legal matters

Since it is said that Outline.com republishes articles from the informative sites, there have been issues about legal matters. Well, it presents articles and news pages from popular sites, which mostly charge their readers. Hence, the curiosity about whether Outline.com is entirely legal or not makes sense. 

Ultimately, there have been online debates on how legal the services of Outline.com is. Of course, there are conflicting opinions about the matter since many sites have followed suit the services of Outline.com. Since the online is a public space, it is quite challenging to conclude, especially since the site is already gone. 


There are several speculations about why Outline.com suddenly left hundreds of thousands of users hanging. However, deducing and researching the reason is not the main priority for now. After all, even before Outline.com became offline and not working, it was already not for everyone to use. 

That said, there are popular alternatives for it; they are mostly sites with similar functions to Outline.com. So, you can trust them. Below are some of them, so you don’t have to wait for Outline.com to work again. 

Print Friendly

As the name implies, Print Friendly allows its users to print web pages conveniently. That way, they can read those printed web pages while offline. Surely, if you use Print Friendly, you don’t have to worry about annoying ads while reading. 

Unlike Outline.com, Print Friendly will require you to create an account to be able to print web pages and view them later on. While it demands you to have an account, you can never go wrong with this alternative since it can also generate PDFs for easy reading. 

Firefox Reader View

Firefox Reader View can make everything easy for you when it comes to accessing published articles that are protected by a paywall and other restrictions. What makes this web extension a good Outline.com alternative is that it can provide you with easier-to-read published articles. 

Of course, the easy-to-read version of the articles translates to a distraction-free reading experience, much like Outline.com can.


Bloomfire barely differs from Outline.com. However, it does not come with complete features. Also, it comes with a free service, so it can probably satisfy your need for distraction-free reading. Besides that, it can provide an incredibly simple way to visualize articles. 

outline com

Definitely, Bloomfire is best with its paid version. Nonetheless, the free service is already a good option. 


Like Print Friendly, Archive can also help you to save articles for later reading. It works well with those pages with a paywall and helps you access them easily. While Archive works simple, it is one of the greatest sites that can let you read articles comfortably.