How to use Klarna to buy a Palm Angels T-shirt?

Palm Angels T-shirt is one of the most successful, sought-after streetwear brands. It was established in 2015 by an Italian fashion designer, Francesco Ragazzi, who fearlessly broke the barrier between luxury and streetwear. Because of the quality of this clothing line, it gained immense popularity among A-list celebrities and fashionistas alike.

Palm Angels T-shirt doesn’t accept Klarna financing as a payment option. However, you can look for Klarna stores or visit the web for other stores that sell authentic Palm Angels T-shirts that offer Klarna, such as Zap Clothing, Luxofashion, Cruisefashion, Crepslocker, Saks Fifth Avenue and many more. They usually offer Pay in- 4, interest-free payment plans. Another way to use Klarna is through consumer banking. Customers with a consumer banking accounts with Klarna were issued a visa debit card that they can use on their purchase, like any other bank.  

Palm Angels white t-shirt and Klarna Pay later banner.

Does the Palm Angels T-Shirt accept Klarna? 

Unfortunately, Palm Angels T-Shirt does not accept Klarna. However, you can always avail the sleek merchandise of Palm Angels in any of its affiliated retail stores that accept Klarna. A few of these stores that you can find online are: 

  1. Crepslocker
  2. Zip Co
  3. Luxo Fashion
  4. Brother2Brother
  5. Crepslocker
  6. Gravity Attire Ltd. 
  7. Zap Clothing
  8. Saks Fifth Avenue
  9. Giulio Fashion
  10. Urban Men’s Wear

These are a few of the retail shops that offer buy now pay later using Klarna to purchase Palm Angels T-shirts. You can always check with the store to confirm, or you can visit their websites.

How to buy a Palm Angels T-shirt in the Klarna app? 

It is easy to use the Klarna app to find a store where you can buy a Palm Angels T-shirt. Follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Search for the store

On the Klarna landing page, find the store you are ready to shop with. Hover over the ‘Shop’ and tap ‘Klarna Store’. It will route you to a page with a long list of stores. Narrow down your search by typing in the name of the store you are looking for, or you can choose the category. 

Step 2: Add to your cart 

Click the store you have searched for from Klarna. The store will open on another window. Start adding to the cart. Don’t forget to put in the details like shirt size, color, and etc. 

Step 3: Check out with Klarna

Whenever you are ready, head to your shopping cart and start checking out. Choose Klarna as the payment option. You either apply for Pay in 4 installments or pay after 60 days of financing. Either way, Klarna will conduct a soft credit check that will not affect your credit score.

Step 4: Manage your Payment

You can take control of your budget by dividing the cost into 4 smaller interest-free payments. The first payment will be charged on the day your item reaches your front door. The subsequent payments will be due every two weeks. 

Steps on how to buy a Palm Angels T-shirt in the Klarna app.

How to use Klarna In-Store to buy Palm Angels T-shirts?

Klarna In-Store allows shoppers to buy in a physical store using a linked Klarna virtual card to an Apple Pay or Google Pay as the payment method.  To do this: 

Step 1. Go to In-Store in Klarna 

Tap the ‘In-Store’ tab in the Klarna app. Start looking for the shop that you are ready to shop with. 

Step 2: Set your spending limit 

After you have selected the store, you can go ahead and set your spending limit. 

Step 3: Create a one-time virtual card

Go to My Klarna and create a one-time virtual card specific for that store and link it to your Apple or Google Wallet. Then you are ready to go. Head to the store and tap to pay using your Apple or Google wallet.

Steps on how to use Klarna In-Store to buy Palm Angels T-shirts

How to use Klarna on Palm Angels retail store?

Few retail stores are authorized sellers of Palm Angels T-shirts, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Zap Clothing, Luxofashion, Cruisefashion, Crepslocker, and many more.  To use your Klarna to these stores: 

Step 1: Find a retail store on the web

You can use any browser to find a Palm Angels retail store that accepts Klarna payment. In choosing a store, it is best to know each store’s policy first before shopping. 

Step 2: Head to the store website or physical location 

Once you have chosen a retail store you are ready to shop with, start adding to cart of your selected Palm Angels T-shirt. Make sure you have checked the correct size, color, etc. 

Step 3: Complete check out

Go to your shopping cart whenever you are ready and choose Klarna. If it is your first time using Klarna, download and set up an account from your phone.

Steps on how to use Klarna on Palm Angels retail store

Alternatives to using Klarna to buy Palm Angels T-shirt

There are times that Klarna isn’t smooth as it is. In this case, it is crucial to have an alternative so that you can continue your shopping. Here are a few of the most trusted financing apps that you may want to consider in shopping at Palm Angels. 

  1. Clearapay 
  2. PayPal
  3. Quadpay
  4. Clearpay 
  5. Sezzle 
  6. Affirm.
  7. Sezzle.
  8. Afterpay.
  9. Laybuy.
  10. Splitit

Check with the store you are ready to shop with what other payment options they have. Visit their website and check their policies and FAQs.