Radaris Lawsuit

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Updated on August 15, 2022

With modern technology, it is no longer impossible to find someone’s information online. Even finding your extended lost relatives, doing a background check on a job applicant, checking your business partner’s records, and so on. People use a people finder to do this. These companies gather information from publicly accessible sources, such as Acxiom, Bing, social media, and others. But not all is legitimate.

Radaris is one of the data brokers that collects a person’s personal information and makes it available to the public. Despite its tenure in the industry, they don’t appear to be an honest or reliable company, according to The Better Business Bureau. In fact, they have recorded 234 complaints within 3 years.

What’s the deal with Radaris?

There are 234 complaints against Radaris for the past three years

Radaris has been in the industry for quite a while now as a Data Broker. Despite their tenure in the industry, they have received a lot of complaints and lawsuits. According to the Better Business Bureau, they have had 234 complaints in the past three years. They have also never been accredited by the BBB because it appears they are not a reliable and honest business. It is very difficult to opt out of them, and their customer service is also sloppy. Besides not being responsive, they have poor customer service. Additionally, there are many complaints about inaccurate information posted on their website. What’s more difficult is that, nobody responds to any request to rectify their records. They also have significant issues with payment and refund. There were those who canceled the service and were promised a refund but unfortunately, Radaris did not fulfill their promise

Is Radaris legal?

Radaris is a legal data mining business allowed per Freedom of Information Act

The operation of Radaris is not illegal, because the information they gather is from public records. In fact, they are also entitled to free access to government documents and public records per the Freedom of Information Act. However, they exploit this privilege to sell information to telemarketers, real estate brokers and insurance brokers, and many more. Despite being a legitimate company, there are many complaints about the irregularity of their operation related to inaccurate information, poor customer service, issues with service cancellation, and refund issues.

Infamous lawsuits against Radaris

With the number of complaints Radaris receives, some are planning to file a lawsuit against them and already have. On the Complaints Board website, several calls for a lawsuit against Radaris:

A call for class-action lawsuits

Mary E. Dietman from Watkins suggested a class-action lawsuit against Radaris. She complained about Radaris’s disregard for her late husband’s privacy despite several requests to remove his information from their website. Instead of removing it, they added several more.

Data has been stolen

A UK resident took legal action against Bitsellers Expert Limited, who owns Radaris, for stealing her information. After contacting Raradaris at least 20 times, with no response, she finally decided to take legal action through the IPEC Section of the Royal Court of Justice. She won the case and finally removed her data from their website. The complainant further reiterated our rights under the Data Protection Act and Copyright Act.

Why do people file a case against Radaris?

Radaris has been called out for stealing of information, data fabrication, falsehoods, libel, and lies posted as truth on their website

People have been calling our Radaris for a lot of things, such as stealing of information, data fabrication, falsehoods, libel, and lies posted as truth on their website. Despite several attempts of the victims, they consistently ignore these callouts. Thus, some have already taken legal action against the company to take immediate action against their malevolent intentions.

Has Radaris been shut down?

Radaris is still up and running

Some say Radaris has been shut down by a class action lawsuit. However, despite many complaints and lawsuits that Radaris had, up to this date, they are still operating.

How to file a case against Radaris?

There are several ways to file a case against Radaris. Filing a case with Radaris depends on the legal proceedings in your area. If you don’t know how to start, you can approach the State’s Attorney General in your area. You can also write to your Office of Congress or start a petition against the company. You can also go to Federal Trade Commission, and file a case, especially when it endangers your safety.

How do I contact Radaris?

Despite the multiple issues facing Radaris, there are ways to talk to them. You can contact Radaris customer service through phone or email. Here is their contact information:

  • Their head office is located in: Bitseller Expert Ltd. Nicosi, 2360, Cyprus
  • Phone: 1-855-723-2747
  • Email: [email protected]

You can also go to their official website www.Radaris.com to ask for assistance, file complaints, or give feedback.