Spoof IMEI

IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity is a 16 to 17 digits unique number assigned to a mobile device to identify them. IMEI numbers are paramount to your security if your phone is lost or stolen. IMEI helps track down and secure your mobile device. Mobile phone owners can request telecom providers to block a lost or stolen device by providing IMEI to make it unusable. However, anything is possible with today’s technology. Some can spoof an IMEI and unlock the device.

It is undeniable that cellphone technicians are also advanced in repairing mobile devices. However, sometimes their knowledge is used in the wrong way. IMEI spoofing is illegal and should not be practiced. It is easy to spoof a mobile device, provided it is rooted. You can also use third-party software tools/apps.

Can you spoof an IMEI?

Yes, you can spoof an IMEI by rooting the device or using a third-party software

With modern technology, everything is possible. IMEI is assigned to mobile devices so that it is secure in case it is lost or stolen. However, in today’s technology, it is possible to spoof it, no matter how secure you think it is. You can use third-party software to replace IMEI or you can root the device to replace the IMEI. Changing an IMEI number requires software and specially designed hardware, so you can’t change it with just a few clicks. In some cases, it requires flashing too. Although this is possible, spoofing the IMEI of a stolen phone remains illegal in some countries.

What happens if I change my IMEI number?

Most likely, nothing will happen if you change your IMEI

Nothing really happens if you change your IMEI. It will continue to work and will not break. There is no reason for mobile manufacturers to be strict on this part. Because hackers can also take advantage of it if mobile manufacturers decide to break or stop your device once your IMEI has been changed. However, while you can change the IMEI number of a mobile device, it is not a guarantee that you will be able to use the device properly. Firstly, tampering IMEI number is a punishable law. Secondly, it can be detected by network operators that it is not an original IMEI and block your device. If you own the device, there is no point in changing your IMEI because there are no real benefits to changing the IMEI number of your phone. Contrary to other claims, changing it does not give more privacy because there are technologies that can identify you even if you change your phone’s IMEI number.

Can I spoof my IMEI on my iPhone?

Yes, iPhone can be spoofed

IMEI spoofing is more common in Android phones. But, if you think you’re safe because you’re using an iPhone, it’s still possible for your IMEI to be spoofed. With modern technology, there are several methods that can be used to spoof even the iPhone. Although it is possible to change your IMEI on iPhone, it will not be easy because IMEI is hard coded to the system board of the phone. Therefore, you need to jailbreak the phone and replace the system board with another iPhone IMEI that is not in use.

Is it legal to spoof my IMEI?

Spoofing IMEI is illegal in some countries

In certain countries, changing IMEI is illegal. However, it is not entirely illegal in some countries, like the US. A bill was introduced in the US in 2012 to illegalize changing IMEI, but it’s not been enacted since there are technologies that can change it easily. IMEI is created so you can secure your phone once it’s stolen. However, due to the emergence of apps and ways to change the IMEI, its purpose is no longer useful, especially with theft. It will be considered an offense in some countries like the UK under the Mobile Telephones Act under some circumstances. In fact, you can go to prison for up to 3 years if you spoof an IMEI in some countries, especially when changing the IMEI number is used to commit fraud. 

What are the pros and cons of spoofing IMEI?

There are no real pros to changing your IMEI. Contrary to others’ claims, it doesn’t provide any added protection or security to your phone or personal information associated with your phone. Changing it may bring you trouble. What if the IMEI that you used to change the original IMEI has been involved in a crime? You can be tracked down by the police and may cause a lot of trouble. Some network operators also can track down IMEI from lost devices. Thus, they could block your device if someone reported a lost IMEI that matches your device. Also, changing IMEI is not for free. You need to go to a technician and pay for the services. Sometimes, you would need to buy a new board, to change it. So why bother changing it if it doesn’t really give any benefits?