Thermador Speed Oven Review

Thermador is a legacy brand with several decades’ presence in the home and kitchen equipment market. One of Thermador’s recent innovative releases, and a popular option for shoppers, is its speed oven.

The Thermador Speed Oven comes in two variants and combines six (6) cooking methods into one appliance. Users can apply convection, speed-cook, microwaving, and other methods to prepare their favorite meals. 

Several cutting-edge features are available in the speed oven and it could be difficult to know all of them in one swoop. That’s why this article details the most important features in the speed oven, its common uses, and much more. 

Taking cues from this speed oven guide provides you enough information to buy it or consider other products. 



Thermador’s CookSmart® automatic cooking offers fast preparation times for most meals. The cooking technology combines several cutting-edge features to prepare different meals much earlier than traditional cookers. 


Both Thermador speed ovens measure 30” in width and support vertical and horizontal installation. Buyers can also install this speed oven using a standard or flush setting into cabinets. 

The sleek design of this speed oven also makes its installation above ground or below ranges easy.  

1.6 cubic feet interior

Enough space in this Thermador speed oven supports fast cooking of different foods with relative ease. Its interior and smart features make sure you don’t need to cook large meals in batches. 

Child safety

Thermador speed ovens feature Child Safety Lock systems designed to protect your little ones from harm. Check the operating service manual on your unit for more information on this feature. 

10 power levels

With 10 different power levels, you can use a Thermador speed oven to do just about anything. It supports slow, mid-range, and fast cooking of meals with different textures and preparation times. 

Thermador Speed Oven Common Uses

You can use a Thermador speed oven for:

  • Convection
  • Speed-cooking
  • Microwaving 
  • Proofing
  • Broiling 
  • Toasting/Warming


Thermador Speed ovens are available at decent prices. The MC30WP currently sells for $3,000 while MC30WS variants sell for $2,800. 

Discounts are usually available for owners with access to coupons at specific times of the year. The price of your preferred Thermador Speed oven could increase if you choose a protection plan or buy from third-party stores. 


Thermador ovens are designed to last between 12 to 15 years on average. Usage frequency and quality control checks usually determine how long speed ovens last. 

Poor maintenance, misuse, and quality control failures could reduce the expected lifespan of Thermador speed ovens. 


Thermador speed ovens ship with 2 to 5-year warranties. The warranty on your speed oven is usually determined by your place of purchase and stock options available. 

Purchasing your Thermador speed oven from source gives you access to full warranties on each product at any time. Some retail stores provide protection plans to cover for short warranties at a slightly higher price.

Common Issues with Thermador Ovens 

Repeat service calls

Several customer complain about needing to make repeated service calls for their Thermador ovens. Some customers report requiring at least a service call every 12 months before using their ovens. 

Common reasons for service calls differ amongst owners of Thermador ovens. 

Poor heating 

Faulty Thermador speed ovens are prone to uneven heating, according to several verified customer reviews. Issues plaguing these ovens might cause them to overheat in some cases, charring anything inserted atop its burners. 

Poor venting system

Many customer complaints about Thermador ovens point to the poor door venting system most units possess. The poor door venting system makes it almost impossible to properly clean your oven after use. 

Repeat cooking for long periods could allow splatters seep into spaces in the oven and leave food streaks inside. Cleaning such a part of the oven requires professional help and may not be fancied by many users. 

Electrical malfunctions

Thermador ovens with problems can have issues with handling error codes. In most cases, electrical malfunctions can affect the operation of Thermador ovens and require multiple repairs to work. 

Short warranty period

Many customers consider 24-months as too short for Thermador products warranty. Users of this oven report that most of their units develop faults shortly after warranty periods expire. 

Poor customer service

A major issue customers have with Thermador speed ovens is the lack of proper customer care service. Numerous customers currently frown at the unwillingness or inability of Thermador staff to provide aftersales assistance. 

Some accounts reveal customer service agents saying “they have no idea” about problems affecting customers’ ovens. 

Appointment cancellations

Repeat appointment cancellations is a common occurrence several Thermador customers claim to have experienced. According to customer reports, appointments could be cancelled without notice and no reason or apology.