In our daily life, the internet is our partner in our activities, whether at work or inside our home. Internet-powered gadgets are known to make our work faster and easier. Usually, these devices are connected to the internet, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, AC, cleaning materials, etc. to help us in our daily living. But along with the benefits of this modern technology is the increase in the risk of unauthorized access to your network. Therefore, it is crucial that we know and recognize a device to prevent unauthorized access.

Any device connected to the network has its own name. But what if you see TY_WR? It is not yet familiar to many, but what exactly it is? In this article, we will discuss what exactly TY_WR is, what are devices with TY_WR, how can they be identified, and how can they be named properly.

What is TY_WR?

TY_WY is the generic Tuya WiFi controller

More and more smart homes are being developed all over the world. But many are still unfamiliar with it, and TY_WR is one of them. Many people are asking what exactly a TY_WR is. Several sources online say it is the generic Tuya WiFi controller by a software company that created IoT and smart home devices you can find in a smart home. TY_WR is an application used to control appliances and gadgets in a single app. You can control home applications remotely or control multiple devices at once. You can operate the temperature of your AC, turn off the lights, or monitor your home in a single app. TY_WR helps in the interworking of multiple smart devices, and best of all, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

What are common devices with TY_WR?

TY_WR devices are devices usually found in a smart home connected to Tuya Network.

Common devices with the TY_WR name on them are the devices usually found inside a smart home, including but not limited to the air fryer, ion robot vacuum, lighting appliances, security cameras and sensors, smart body fat scales, and many more.

How to identify TY_WR devices connected to your network?

It is easy to identify the device connected to your network, such as TY_WR.  To identify the device, you have to check the device’s unique number or the MAC address.

Step 1: Log in to the default gateway of your internet service provider

Type in the IP address of your router to the address bar of any web browser.

Step 2: Sign in on the router’s web management portal

Enter the Router’s login information usually written at the bottom of your router.

Step 3: Look for the list of connection

Whatever the ISP is, it has always a list of connected devices. Try navigating on Connected Devices. You’ll be able to find the MAC address written beside the TY_WR.

Step 4: Match the MAC address to your devices

Once you identify the MAC address of the TY_WR, try matching it with the MAC address of your devices.

If in any case, the TY_WR MAC address doesn’t match any of your devices, try restricting access to it and check which device stops working in your household. If everything works fine after disabling TY_WR, then probably the connection is not legitimate.

Can you identify a TY_WR device by MAC address?

TY_WR can be identified using MAC or Media Access Control address

MAC or Media Access Control address is a unique, 12-character alphanumeric character used to identify specific devices on a network. Just like any person with his/her own identity, every device connected to a network has its unique MAC address. Thus, even though some call TY_WR an unknown device, it is identifiable using the MAC address. All you have to do is to locate the MAC address in the web management portal of your internet service provider and match it with the MAC address of your devices.

How do I find a MAC address of a TY_WR connected to my network?

It is commonly written in the device information beside the device name (TY_WR)

To identify the MAC address of your TY_WR device on your network, simply login to your router’s web management portal by entering the IP address of your router into any web browser. Locate the connected devices and check for TY_WR.  Take note of the 12-digit alphanumeric characters indicated on the device information.  front of TY_WR or after the TY_WR. MAC address usually looks like this format, 00-B1-D1-62-C2-26.

How to rename a TY_WR device?

Not all internet service provider allows changing the device name or host name on your network. But, if it is allowed by your ISP from your web management portal, you can change the hostname by editing it to your desired name. If it isn’t allowed, the most that you can do is to take note of the MAC address that matches one of your devices.