Unifi Controller Software

Ubiquiti Networks has launched their network management software solution, called the UniFi Controller. 

UniFi Controller allows users to manage multiple wireless networks using a web browser, manage their UniFi access points, enable guest users to connect to SSIDs, and monitor network usage remotely. Moreover, UniFi Controller would be relevant in live monitoring, like wireless uplink monitoring and failover used in wirelessly uplinked APs, including mesh. 

UniFi Controller is indeed beneficial to end-users. However, it is not required all the time for the Ubiquiti APs to work. UniFi APs can efficiently run without the controller. 

What is UniFi controller software?

Unifi Controller Software manages multiple wireless networks through a web browser.

The UniFi devices are bundled with the UniFi Controller software, which helps users manage multiple wireless networks through a web browser, UniFi access points, guest users’ access to SSIDs, and remote network usage monitoring.

It is highly recommended to use an UniFi Controller software to get the full benefits of the UniFi ecosystem, especially for UniFi devices that do not have individual configuration interfaces or installations which will require a guest portal or advanced feature.

How do I download and install UniFi controller software?

Step 1: Check the system requirements

Check your system requirements before beginning UniFi controller software installation. 

  • Linux, Mac OS X 10.11 and above 
  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.8 or above 
  • Use Google Chrome as the web browser

Step 2: Download the latest version of the UniFi Controller software

 To get the latest version of the UniFi controller software, head to downloads.ubnt.com/unifi.

Step 3: Follow the instructions for your specific computer or device type.

  • For MAC users: Launch the UniFi.pkg and install the software

Go to Application and click the Unifi icon twice.

  • For Windows users: Launch the UniFi-installer.exe. and begin install or you can search UniFi from Start button> All Programs

Hit Next, then hit Finish. Check if the Start Uniri Controller is checked.

Step 4: Configure the UniFi Controller Software

After successfully downloading and installing the Unifi Controller, begin the configuration.

Is UniFi network controller free?

UniFi Controller is Free of Charge

The UniFi devices are bundled with the UniFi Controller software. Ubiquiti does not charge software licensing, installation, or maintenance fees. Ubiquiti UniFi Controller can be used for free as you do not have to pay for it separately.

How do I set up a new UniFi controller?

Once you have installed the UniFi controller on your specific computer or device type, set up your UniFi Controller. Here’s how to configure your UniFi Controller.

Step 1: Launch a browser

Open a Unifi Controller Software start up. Click Launch a Browser to Manage the Wireless Network.

Step 2: Set the country and time zone.

Choose the applicable timezone and country. Alternatively, you can click restore from a previous backup to use a file that contains your backup settings. Click Next.

Step 3: Create a secure primary wireless network

Click the device you wish to configure, the hit next. A secure primary wireless network will be created for the chosen device. Fill out the Secure SSID field, Security Key field, and Guest SSID field as needed. Click Next

Step 4: Create a User Admin Access

Create your superadmin access by filling out the required fields. Click the Finish button to save the settings. You can also enable Guest Access and create a guest network name in the Guest SSID field.
Step 5: Enable cloud access.

The browser will be redirected to the Cloud Login Credentials screen. Enable the cloud access by logging in to your UBNT account. You can also register if you have no UBNT account yet. Click Enable Cloud Access.

Step 6: You can now Sign In and begin using UniFi Controller management interface.

Log in in the UniFi Controller management interface so you can start using the UniFi Controller software.

How do I transfer UniFi controller to another computer?

If you need to transfer your UniFi Controller to another device, here’s the simple step to do it: 

Step 1: Check the system requirements

Check the controller version to ensure it is the latest version. Head to Setting > Controller > System Settings > Maintenance. Check if you are running version 6 or higher. Take note of the version and make a backup of the settings. 

Step 2: Backup UniFi Controller Settings

Back up your settings and download it to a known location. Go to UniFi controller Settings>Auto Backup>Download. 

Step 3: Install UniFi Controller on New Server

Restart the controller and begin installing the UniFi Controller on the new device. You can use the same version or the newest version. 

Step 4: Restore UniFi Controller Settings

You can use the UniFi Setup Wizzard by clicking the restore from the previous backup and loading the. unf backup file downloaded in step 2.

Step 5: Set New UniFi Controller IP/Hostname

Assign the same IP to the new box that the old machine used. 

Step 5: Re-adopt your UniFi network devices into the new controller