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Updated on May 3, 2022

Setting up UniFi controllers was a tall order before the demo site came along. Different sections in the UniFi demo site made it easy for account holders to maximize their controllers with ease. 

The UniFi Demo feature provided users with step-by-step information to complete configurations with ease. Everything from unboxing to customizing advanced protocols featured in videos to guide owners of UniFi controllers. 

Currently, the UniFi demo site is inaccessible to visitors without an account. Setting up your UniFi controller shouldn’t be challenging though, as this article provides detailed info you need. 

Tips in this article make it easy to use your UniFi controller without much hassle. 

Is UniFi Demo Still Online?

The UniFi demo site was available at https://demo.ui.com and https://unstable-demo.ui.com. However, these sites have gone offline since 2021. 

Comments on official Ubiquiti forums suggest that the demo site might be rolled into https://design.ui.com/login later on. Only users with an Ubiquiti account currently have access to the Design Center website. 

But UniFi controllers can access support from different experienced trainers through https://ui.com/training. Users of Ubiquiti can get support from experts in more than twelve (12) major languages. 

Does demo.ui.com Require Login?

demo.ui.com didn’t require login credentials for access when it was live. However, any new launch of such site might need visitors to enter login details before gaining access to instructional content.  

The current access to training on how to configure UniFi controllers requires login credentials. 

How to Locate the UniFi Demo Controller IP

Step 1: Launch remote access site 

Visit account.ui.com and enter your username and password. Next, click Sign In to access your Ubiquiti account. 

Step 2: Connect to cloud key

After gaining access, link your Cloud Key to your UBNT account. 

Step 3: Launch Developer Tools

Next, you need to launch the Developer Tools window on your browser. Press Ctrl + Shift + I to open the Developer Tools window. 

Step 4: Click Console 

Next, click Console from the list of options. Under console, tap Ctrl + F to open a dedicated search window. 

Step 5: Type googremoteaddress

Type googremoteaddress in the search bar to locate your controller’s IP. 

Step 6: Copy address and close Developer Tools window

Highlight that address and copy it (Ctrl + C) from the Developer Tools window.

How to Enter UniFi Protect Demo Site

Step 1: Set your UniFi OS Console

First, setup your UniFi device to run with a mobile device or computer. Several UniFi devices offer plug-and-play connectivity, so you don’t need to download clients apps online. 

Step 2: Link console with UniFi Portal iOS/Android application

Enter your login credentials through the device at account.ui.com to link it with your device. 

Step 3: Follow and complete on-screen setup instructions

Follow the instructions in your device’s setup wizard and click Finish.

After completing the UniFi Protect settings with this information, you can add several devices with ease. The feature also allows user view streams; manage motion detection, and other vital security actions.  

Why Does UniFi Demo Show Security Gateway Required after Log In?

Running any actions linked to your UniFi device without security could be potentially harmful. The UniFi Security Gateway provides users with improved firewall protocols for your data and network of devices. 

Logging into any UniFi service without establishing a security gateway is no longer possible. At login, the network creates a source-destination VPN to encrypt private data across all devices, no matter where you are. 

You can log into the UniFi Security Gateway or USG by entering your username and password after linking a controller. 

If you’ve not set up your UniFi Security Gateway before now, a setup window will replace your login page. After setting your credentials, you can return to the login window and access training content available from UniFi. 

How to Get Started with UniFi Controller Demo

Step 1: Download UniFi controller client software

Download the UniFi software for your console from unifi.ui.com. You will need to enter your login credentials before accessing a download link for your client software. 

Newer versions of the UniFi controller can run installation packages independently and don’t require third-party software to work. 

Step 2: Install UniFi controller

Next, install your UniFi controller to a switch and link it to your network through account.ui.com. 

Step 3: Sign in with your Ubiquiti account

Sign into your UBNT account through unifi.ubnt.com by entering your username and password. 

Step 4: Go to Settings > Advanced 

After that, go to Settings > Advanced to enable or disable access settings for your controller. 

Step 5: Set UniFi network

Next, you can set your UniFi network by adding devices to your controller and completing all necessary configurations. 

Step 6: Set Wi-Fi uplink, review settings, and confirm preferences

Next, setup a Wi-Fi connection for your system, review all settings, and confirm your selected options.