How to Use Klarna To Buy Valentino

Buying luxury goods is so important for many customers. Valentino is a popular brand for shoppers, and several payment methods are available to make purchases.  

Many Valentino buyers use Klarna as a preferred payment method through a one-time card or installments. Klarna allows users split their payments for items purchased on Valentino at interest free-rates. 

There’s a massive demand for Valentino products, especially from their footwear line. Several buyers keen to own a Valentino might not be able to afford one without a Buy Now, Pay Later app like Klarna. 

Klarna provides buyers an avenue to own Valentino goods and pay back for shopped items with convenience. 

That’s why this guide provides detailed info on how to make purchases on Valentino with Klarna. The info in this guide proves vital to shop luxury goods without worrying about how to finance each purchase.  

How to Use Klarna To Buy Valentino Tips For Efficiency

Does Valentino Accept Klarna?

Valentino does not accept Klarna as a direct payment method, but several options are available to buy from third-party stores. Shoppers hoping to buy from the Valentino official site have access to few payment methods. 

Valentino accepts different credit cards and PayPal on its official store’s checkout page. Right now, the only way shoppers can access a pay later plan for Valentino products is with a third-party store. 

Third-party stores provide an opportunity to get high-priced Valentino products on purchase and pay back in installments. Customers can access the pay later feature of several apps and settle payments on designated paydays. 

Using Klarna for Valentino

Klarna supports a swift, convenient payment opportunity for Valentino and its interested buyers. You can buy several items from Valentino without draining your entire budget on one purchase. 

Follow the steps below to begin and complete your Valentino purchase:

Step 1: Visit the website

Customers can visit third-party websites that list Valentino items through their web browsers. Buyers can also use browsers on their Android or iOS devices to visit any of these stores. 

LuxofashionDesigner RevivalCrepslockerGuilio Fashion and The Fragrance Shop are some third-party stores that list Valentino items for sale. You can select several designer goods across these stores by typing the name of your preferred item in their search bar. 

Note that some of these stores need users to create an account to add products to their cart. 

Step 2: Choose product category

Valentino has different products on sale, and third-party sites that offer these items separate them into categories. 

You can choose from any of these categories and click on them to reveal sub-categories. Sub-categories of some Valentino products available in different variants are also available on most of these sites. 

Step 3: View product detail(s)

After clicking on products in the category/sub-category, you’ll see more information about your preferred Valentino item. You’ll also see an “Add to Cart” button at the right-hand side or below each item. 

In this page, you’ll also get shipping information and other vital details about the product. After adding your preferred Valentino item(s) to your cart, you can proceed to the next section.

Step 4: Proceed to checkout

Adding a Valentino item to your cart makes it possible to proceed to checkout. You’ll see a confirmation prompt after confirming the item(s) you plan to purchase.

Step 5: Choose Klarna as a payment method

When you proceed to checkout your Valentino item, you’ll see different payment methods available to choose from. Choose Klarna from all available payment methods and select the installment plan you seek. 

After that, you’ll have to make an initial payment of your chosen item (usually not more than 25%) at checkout. You can then proceed to review your potential purchase and confirm the order. 

Alternatives to Klarna for Valentino Tips For Efficiency

Alternatives to Klarna for Valentino

Different pay later apps can prove vital to purchase items from Valentino. Buyers can try out these options too:


Many Sezzle users can purchase Valentino goods from several stores that have these luxury items listed. Users can buy Valentino items and pay back through six equal installments. 


Users of Afterpay have access to hundreds of luxury goods stores, and many of these shops sell Valentino items. With Afterpay, buyers can get needed financial support to make a purchase and pay back over two weeks. 

Afterpay users get guaranteed access to more credit after making several purchases and payments in the past. 

Zip (formerly Quadpay)

All Zip users have access to shop Valentino items across different stores and pay back in installments. Zip allows shoppers make quick purchases and has one of the fastest approval processes available. 

Purchases through Zip can be divided into four convenient installments. 


The vital tips above make it easy to purchase Valentino products and easily pay with Klarna. 

Make sure you choose the Klarna payment option that best suits your budget to avoid being denied future access. That way, you can make low or high-value purchases on Valentino and pay for all items at your own convenience.