Verizon FiOS Credit Check

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Updated on May 25, 2022

Several credit checks are finance-related and might be required for loans, refinancing, etc. However, Verizon FiOS users might require credit checks to access certain services. 

Verizon FiOS credit checks are mandatory for users who want to subscribe to postpaid contract plans. A credit check is performed to determine if such users can afford the Verizon plan they want.

Different contract plans are available from Verizon apart from FiOS options, but some may not require credit pulls. Furthermore, correct information is essential to pick the perfect Verizon plan for you.

That’s why this guide provides information on Verizon credit checks and other vital details to make selecting contract plans easy. 

Does Verizon Run a Hard Credit Check?

Verizon runs hard credit checks on new customers signing up for access to data or voice services. The company also performs a hard credit pull on existing customers adding new services or lines to an old account. 

Verizon relies on credit information from several licensed bureaus and usually has access to records of most users. A hard credit pull is necessary from Verizon solely to evaluate risk. 

Users who can’t pay their bills on time might have reduced chances of access to a low-cost Verizon plan.  

Does Verizon FiOS Require a Credit Check During Online Sign-Up?

Verizon FiOS may not require a credit check during online registration. Some Verizon FiOS plans offer online sign-up for data and voice and run on monthly subscriptions. 

However, Verizon users keen to get internet, home phone, and cable services on postpaid must pass a credit check. Users who fail credit checks will have limited options to make deposits. 

What Credit Score Does Verizon Wireless Use?

Verizon Wireless prefers potential users to have credit scores of 720 or higher to access their services. Users with a 720+ credit rating can get access to all of Verizon Wireless’ services with a small deposit. 

Potential users who fall short of the 720 rating will have to pay larger deposits during sign-up. 

Signing up with a higher credit rating is preferred for all Verizon services, especially if you want a postpaid contract. 

Will Verizon Run a Credit Check for Prepaid FiOS?

Prepaid FiOS does not require credit pulls from users to offer services. Users of Verizon prepaid FiOS can get Home Internet and other features without an initial deposit or contract. 

Verizon prepaid FiOS users only need to pay a $90 installation fee (equipment-inclusive) to access all available services. No subsequent charges or hidden fees are needed after making the first payment. 

Credit checks will only be necessary for prepaid users who need services that require long-term contracts. 

Should I Let Verizon Do a Credit Check for FiOS?

Allowing Verizon conduct a credit check for FiOS services depends on your preferences. 

If you prefer fast internet without interruptions on an annual contract, postpaid plans are best for you. However, Verizon will conduct a credit check before activating your contract for risk assessment purposes. 

But prepaid users rarely require credit checks conducted on their account before getting a FiOS plan. Prepaid users access FiOS on monthly subscription packages without credit checks or deposits. 

Does Verizon Credit Check Pull Scores from TransUnion or Experian?

Verizon relies on credit pulls from three bureaus – TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. After a hard credit check on sign-up, Verizon will run soft credit checks and frequently pull scores from these bureaus. 

Does Verizon FiOS Credit Check Affect Credit Scores?

Verizon FiOS runs an initial hard credit check on their new subscribers. Old users will also experience hard credit pulls on their account whenever they request new services or lines. 

The first credit check from Verizon will affect your scores, particularly if you’ve had multiple hard checks in a short time. Further soft checks on your account will have no effect on your limits and overall access to credit.

How Long Does Verizon Credit Check Take?

Verizon credit checks usually take about 5 – 30 minutes to complete based on several factors. Soft credit checks are much faster and could be complete in less than 10 minutes. 

Hard credit checks could take a little longer based on the time of your request. Another major factor that could determine the duration of Verizon credit checks is your type of contract. 

Verizon could conduct lengthy credit checks for US subscribers who want new devices on credit. Such credit checks might take longer than the ones conducted for FiOS data subscription plans. 

Does Verizon Credit Check Require a Security Deposit?

Verizon credit checks require security deposits of different amounts, depending on your overall rating. Users with low credit scores need to pay higher security deposits than subscribers with good ratings. 

Credit checks might require users to pay within $100 – $400+ based on their credit ratings. Security deposits are necessary for postpaid-only users.