Verizon Freedom Essentials

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Updated on May 25, 2022

Verizon offers several voice and data for its US users to ease linking up with other local networks. The Verizon Freedom Essentials is another addition to Verizon’s massive voice plans. 

Verizon Freedom Essentials is an unlimited, direct dialing, long-distance calling service available to residential US subscribers. The service offers local and cross-border portions to support long-range calls with high connectivity.  

There’s a lot more you need to understand about the Freedom Essentials plan before you subscribe. That’s why this article provides vital answers to common questions about the Verizon Freedom Essentials plan. 

How Does Verizon Freedom Essentials Work?

Verizon Freedom Essentials provides long-range voice calling services from the US to several neighboring countries. The long distance service connects US users to contacts in Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and so on. 

A flat rate is charged for services and an $18 portion goes exclusively for long-distance services. Verizon Freedom Essentials does not cover international, calling card, toll-free or operator-assisted services. 

The calling service offers its subscription to residential customers only. Business customers who choose to use Verizon Freedom Essentials will be redirected to Verizon TalkTime 30 plans. 

How Much is Verizon Freedom Essentials?

Verizon Freedom Essentials is available to all US subscribers at $17.95 per month. US users can get direct, limitless long-range calling to at least six cross-border locations. 

Extra charges like taxes and bundling fees might increase some Freedom Essentials plans to over $20. Contact Verizon Support on 1-800-VERIZON to get the exact amount for your new Freedom Essentials plan. 

The Verizon Freedom Essentials plan is a sub-plan of Verizon Long Distance and is available for personal use only. 

A single monthly payment does not include itemization of calls direct-dialed under the plan. The Freedom Essentials plan also provides several benefits for local, long-distance calling. 

Does Verizon Freedom Essentials Have Internet Plans?

Verizon Freedom Essentials does not provide internet connectivity options to its users. The plan covers direct-dialed distance calling services only and doesn’t support high-speed internet. 

Subscribers to Verizon Freedom Essentials that need internet must purchase a separate plan. Verizon subscribers usually purchase internet plans under 5G Home Internet, FiOS, or High Speed Internet packages. 

Currently, purchasing an internet plan along with Verizon Freedom Essentials doesn’t attract any discounts. 

Can Verizon Freedom Essentials Work with FiOS?

Verizon users can purchase Freedom Essentials calling plans along with FiOS voice/data packages. FiOS plans like Digital Voice Unlimited can run with a Freedom Essentials package. 

However, you will need to pay separate subscription fees for both plans. Failure to renew any of both plans will lead to the loss of access pending re-activation.  

Is Freedom Essentials Cheaper than Verizon Landline Plans?

Verizon landline plans cost a lot less than Freedom Essentials voice packages. 

Standard Verizon landline plans for unlimited domestic calling stand at $20 for most locations. However, some extra charges might cause Freedom Essentials plans to cost more than $30 per month. 

Is Verizon Freedom Essentials and Regional Essentials The Same?

Verizon Regional Essentials is similar to the Freedom plan but lacks some long-distance features. The Regional Essentials plan is available to users that switch long distance provides while on a Freedom Essentials plan. 

Subscribers to the Verizon Regional Essentials plan can gain access to direct-dialed unlimited calling to several US regions. Reduced rates and unlimited voice calling are the major similarities between both Essentials plans. 

Do I Need the Freedom Phone to Use Verizon Freedom Essentials?

You don’t need the Freedom Phone to gain access to all services from Verizon Freedom Essentials. 

Freedom Phone users can access all Freedom Essentials plans from their devices too. The Freedom Essentials plan would also run at the same time with other Verizon voice or data plans. 

All you need to link up with the Freedom Essentials plan from Verizon is an account and a compatible device. Most mobile devices and compatible PCs can run Verizon Freedom Essentials plans with ease. 

Does Verizon Freedom Essentials Have Free International Calls?

Verizon Freedom Essentials supports calling to cross-border locations not too far from the US mainland. The long-distance calling service serves US users who desire voice access to these locations, but offers limited functionality to other locations. 

The six major locations Freedom Essentials has unlimited calling service to is available for $18/month. No free calling bonuses are provided at the expiration of a Freedom Essentials plan. 

Common international calling plans from Verizon are the Global Calling ($5 monthly subscription) and Global Calling Plus ($15/month) plans. 

Verizon Global Calling provides unlimited international calling to Mexico and Canada with discounts for over 200 countries. The Verizon Global Calling Plus plan provides unlimited calling access landlines and mobiles in 60+ countries. 

Other popular options are the Global Choice and Mexico/Canada plans.