Verizon Proof of Residency

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Updated on May 23, 2022

Verizon provides cutting-edge communications support to registered users, but the service doesn’t cover unverified usage.

Verizon requires its FiOS and postpaid service subscribers to provide proof of residency. Users can verify their proof of residency with a utility bill, bank account statement, or government-issued ID. 

It’s easy to verify your residence as a Verizon user, especially when you have access to correct information. That’s why this article provides all the vital details you need to complete Verizon proof of residency with ease. 

Get everything you need to verify your account with Verizon and access all their services with ease.

Do I Need Proof of Residency to Use Verizon FiOS?

Verizon FiOS internet requires users to present proof of residency for verification. FiOS subscribers can decide to upload these documents online or present them at a walk-in FiOS store. 

How to Fix No Link to Upload Verizon Proof of Residency 

First way to fix no link to upload Verizon proof of residency: Clearing cached browser files

Step 1: Open browser

Launch your preferred browser for opening Verizon and proceed to its menu bar. The menu bar is usually three dots or lines at the top left or right corner of your screen. 

Next, go to History > Clear recent history > Cache (check box) and click OK. 

Step 2: Retry upload

Visit the upload page and retry uploading your proof of residency  

Second way to fix no link to upload Verizon proof of residency: Visiting a nearby FiOS Store

Step 1: Get required documents

Put together all documents required to verify your proof of residency. Acceptable documents to verify your Verizon account are identified later in this article. 

Step 2: Visit the nearest FiOS store and present verification documents

Get the necessary bills and identification to verify your residence to any FiOS store near you. Present these documents to staff at the walk-in center to get full assistance. 

Note that Verizon doesn’t have FiOS stores in all states. Confirm if any store is close to your location before considering this option. 

Third way to fix no link to upload Verizon proof of residency: Contacting Verizon Support

You can contact Verizon Support through their website or on 1-800-VERIZON. 

What are the Required Documents for Verizon Proof of Residency?

Verizon subscribers can submit an invoice for gas, electricity, or other utility bills as proof of residency. Credit cards and bank statements are also acceptable documents for verifying your residence to Verizon.

You need to sign up for a Verizon account with a government-issued ID and social security number for these steps to work. 

How to Upload Verizon Proof of Residency Documents

First way to upload Verizon proof of residency documents: via the official website

Step 1: Visit

Visit Verizon’s official website through 

Step 2: Tap Public Folder or Share

Click ‘Public Folder’ or ‘Share’ from the homepage after accessing your account. 

Step 3: Click left navigation pane

Locate the left navigation pane on the Public Folder page and click Browse. The Browse window opens your device’s storage.

Select scanned files you want to submit for proof of residency and click Open (on Windows).

Step 4: Add tags, agree to T’s & C’s before tapping Submit

Next, add any tags related to proof of residency from options provided. After that, agree to Verizon’s Terms and Conditions before clicking Submit. 

If your submission is successful, you will receive a confirmation message on your registered email address with more information. Note that the fax upload page that applies to your location might be different from those applicable in other areas. 

Can I Send My Verification Documents for Verizon Proof of Residency by Email?

Verizon users cannot send verification documents for proof of residency through email. You can only verify your residence to Verizon through the official upload page or in-person at FiOS stores. 

How Do I Find Verizon FiOS Stores for Proof of Residency?

Currently, Verizon has licensed FiOS stores in Virginia, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, DC, and Delaware. You can submit your proof of residency documents at any of these stores for assistance and fast account activation. 

Addresses for every store in these locations are available at Verizon’s website. You can also get information on Verizon FiOS stores closest to you through live chats on the company’s site. 

Other ways to find a Verizon FiOS store is through the company’s Facebook Messenger or 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966).

Do I Need to Upload Verizon Proof of Residency When I’m Moving?

Old Verizon subscribers must upload proof of residency whenever they want to move to a different address. You will need to follow the same steps available on Verizon’s website, but two addresses are required this time. 

You’ll need to provide the proof of residency information for your old address and new location online. If the online method doesn’t work, visit any Verizon FiOS store with proof of residency for both addresses for assistance.