View Telegram without Account

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Updated on July 31, 2023

Telegram is a choice social media platform for many users. With tens of millions of active users every day, it’s vital to ask if you can view Telegram without an account to maintain your privacy

You can view Telegram public channels without an account, but not on every device. Most mobile devices can allow you to view Telegram with no account; however, you must follow the correct steps. 

Viewing Telegram without an account makes it easy for non-users to access content whenever they want. It’s more comfortable to view content on Telegram without an account with access to the right information. That’s why this article provides details on how to use Telegram without signing up for an account. You’ll also get more information on other Telegram use cases to make your interaction with content hassle-free. 

How to View Telegram without Account

How to View Telegram Without Account

Step 1: Locate the Telegram link

Copy the link of any channel you plan to join. Telegram links usually begin with “” before the channel name. 

For example, the link for Daily Dad Jokes on Telegram is  

Step 2: Add /s/ after and before the channel name

Next, add an /s/ between the and channel name. You can edit the link by tapping on the search bar of your browser. Scroll to the point where meets your preferred channel’s name and add ‘s’ with a forward slash.

For example,

Step 3: Tap Enter

Tap Enter and watch your public Telegram channel without an account. You can view a public Telegram channel with this format on your PC or mobile devices. 

How to View Telegram without Downloading the App

Step 1: Open your browser

Open any browser on your PC, iOS, or Android device. Next, visit the Telegram website through your browser. 

Step 2: Log into your Telegram account 

Enter your Telegram username and password directly on the Web version and click Login. 

Step 3: Enter the channel name

You can visit your preferred Telegram channel by entering its username or full name in the search bar provided. 

How to View Telegram Without a Phone Number

The first way to view Telegram without a phone number: With Google Voice

Step 1: Log into your Google account

Visit to log into your account or sign up if you don’t have one. 

Step 2: Go to Google Voice

Select Google Voice from the list of apps.

Step 3: Select a phone number

Choose a phone number from your Google Voice or enter the number used to register your account.

Step 4: Enter the number on Telegram and request the confirmation code

Sign up for a Telegram account and request your confirmation code with the number from Google Voice. 

Step 5: Enter the code from Google Voice and confirm your account 

Enter the code and verify your account. You can view all Telegram content as normal with these steps. 

The second way to view Telegram without a phone number: With TextNow

Step 1: Install TextNow

Search for the TextNow app on the Google Play (Android) and Apple (iOS) app stores. Download the app and allow it to install automatically on your device. 

Step 2: Enter the area code

Launch the TextNow app and enter your current location’s area code. After entering the code, TextNow will provide five (5) different numbers that tally with the area code you submitted. 

Selecting a number from the five options completes your TextNow app setup.

Step 3: Start Telegram

Next, open the Telegram app on your device or visit the official website. 

Step 4: Go to Settings > Profile or Your Profile Details > Add Account

Locate the Settings options, go to Profile, and then Add Account. Selecting Add Account reveals a window where you need to add a phone number. 

Step 5: Enter the number selected from TextNow

In the space provided, enter the number you chose on the TextNow app and proceed. 

Step 6: Select Next and confirm the number via text

After that, tap the Next box to progress. You will receive a code through a text on your app. Enter this code in your Telegram app and you’re all set.

Completing these settings without an actual number means you can use all of Telegram’s features without a registered contact. 

Can You View Telegram Without an Account on the Web?

You can view content on Telegram through your web browser, and you don’t need an account. Content on public channels is easy to access after following a few steps. 

Can You Access Private Telegram Channels without an Account?

You cannot read content on private Telegram channels without an account. It’s also not possible to access private Telegram channels without an invite, even if you’re logged into an account. 

Can You View Telegram without an Account Code?

You can view content on Telegram without having an account code. You only need to add an /s/ between the and channel name of a Telegram link. 

However, this method might not work on private Telegram channels, especially those with active restrictions.