Pre-Transit Status on Etsy: What You Need to Know

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Updated on September 4, 2023

How else can a seller deliver products to the customer, but through shipping? Shipping is very crucial in order fulfillment in an online business, like Etsy. A customer expects sellers to provide outstanding customer service, and part of which is a reliable shipment process. What does pre transit mean on Etsy? Read on to find out.

If an Etsy order is in pre-transit, it means that the label of the package has been purchased. However, the postal service has yet to accept the package. Also, there are times when there is a lot of strain on the system. Sometimes, a package is already accepted but not yet scanned, leaving the status stuck in pre-transit. 

What Does Pre Transit Mean on Etsy - 4 mini packages held by a person

What does pre-transit mean in shipping?

Tracking your shipment is crucial in every transaction because it can also be a factor in customer dissatisfaction and bad store ratings. Therefore, it is vital to know the status of a shipment, as well as its description.

Generally, when shipping is in pre-transit status, it means that a carrier has received information about the package, but it has not yet been scanned and picked up. This is often indicated by the creation of a tracking number.

Here are some other shipment statuses that you might want to consider:

  • Staged – Generated a shipping label assigned to the package.
  • Submitted – The carrier is already aware of the shipment. 
  • In-Transit – The parcel is en route to the customer. 
  • Out for Delivery – The package has arrived in the area and will be delivered soon. 
  • Delivered – The customer received the package.
  • Failure – The parcel has encountered an error during the transit
  • Return to Sender – Return the parcel to the seller as the customer has refused to accept. 
  • Voided – The package was unshipped.

Why is my Etsy package stuck in pre-transit status?

Shipment, sometimes, is unpredictable. Sometimes, problems along the way are inevitable, which can cause delays, distress, and poor ratings from a customer. Pre-transit usually happens during peak season, holiday rush, or on-sale events. These are the times when there is a lot of traction in the system.

There are a lot of complaints from sellers that the courier isn’t scanning their parcels upon receipt. In addition, the global pandemic also contributed to the problem, especially for shipments coming from overseas. Carriers are understaffed due to the nationwide lockdown and overwhelmed by the huge rise in volume due to COVID-19, resulting in backlogs.

How long does the Etsy package stay in pre-transit?

The estimated delivery date is calculated as Processing time + Carrier transit time + 1 day = Estimated Delivery Date. Etsy’s turnaround time is just estimated, which means that the estimated delivery dates shown are not accurate and subject to changes due to some unforeseen delay. Also, not every order will have estimated delivery dates. Some sellers do not set estimated delivery dates on their Etsy shops.

Therefore, there is no accurate time frame on how long a package stays on pre-transit. It really depends on several factors, such as the availability of courier staff, resources, or even natural events. In most cases, 9 out of 10 parcels that are on Pre-Shipment status will change to “your order is out for delivery”.

When a package is stuck in “Pre-Shipment” status, your package misses its initial scan at the initial sorting center. Usually, it will undergo another scan at the next delivery point along the way or at the next leg of its journey. You’ll eventually receive a notification, usually through e-mail, when your package is on its way or you can check the tracking status page for updates.

What Does Pre Transit Mean on Etsy - USPS delays impact Etsy

What to do if the package is stuck in pre-transit?

Etsy uses USPS, FedEx, or Canada Post right as their carrier for your shipments. Once a customer purchases a printing label for an order, Etsy will automatically mark it as dispatched. The seller will print the label, and the item will be ready for the delivery process. But in some cases, if your package has been stuck in pre-transit status for a long time, then it is best to contact your carrier and ask for an update based on their tracking system.

That is why it is a good idea to know your shipping company’s policies about lost parcels so that you know what to do. To avoid similar problems next time, make sure your item is scanned in the carrier office yourself, have them scan it, and give you a receipt. It can be extra work for you, but you will know for sure that they are getting your package. Insurance will also help to reduce the cost of lost parcels. 

Etsy doesn’t hold sellers responsible for lost items. Lost or delayed in the package can cause a lot of frustration not only to the seller but most especially to the customer. So, to maintain the integrity of the shop, it is advisable to consider giving a replacement item or a refund.