How to use Klarna to Buy Yeezy

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Updated on July 25, 2023

In 2015, Adidas collaborated with American rapper Kanye West to launch a footwear model named after Kanye ‘Yeezy Boost 350’. Yeezy has reached its popularity and success in the market because of the sleek design and quality of materials used. It was recognized in the Footwear News Awards for 2015 Shoe of the year. Since then, it has become more and more in demand and sought-after sneaker brands, especially for sneakerheads, Kanye fandom, and those who seek comfortable shoes while being on-trend. Because of consistent demand, Yeezy’s price is a bit high that not everybody can afford outright. Klarna has a solution for those who want to avail Yeezy in more affordable and flexible payment terms. 

You can now own this iconic shoe more conveniently with their Pay in 4 interest-free installments through Klarna. To do this, firstly, you can either go to Klarna app stores, add to your cart, head to check out and choose Klarna as payment option. Secondly, you can go directly to Adidas website and complete your transaction using Klarna payment plans.

Kanye West on the left and Yeezy shoe on the right.

Can you make payment plans for Yeezy?

Absolutely! Yes, Klarna has recently announced its partnership with Adidas, which gives consumers more options to avail themselves of Yeezy without breaking their budget. There are three ways to own a pair of Yeezy kicks using Klarna. 

Use Klarna app

You can go to the Klarna app or Klarna website and search for Adidas. The Klarna app and search for Adidas. Look for the pair of Yeezy you like, then add them to your shopping cart. Make sure to select Klarna payment plans upon check out. You can pay in 4 staggered payments every two weeks after receiving your kicks. 

Go to the Adidas website.

You can go directly to the Adidas website at Find the Yeezy design that you like and add them to your cart. Choose a Klarna payment plan when completing your check out. An email notification will be sent to you if the payment is approved, along with the schedule of payments. Klarna will collect payment after the purchase of the item, after 30 days, and after 60 days from the first payment. 

Go to affiliated Retailer stores 

Adidas has not only expanded in the e-commerce industry but of course in the retail market. Currently, Adidas is operating more than 2,700 retail stores worldwide. Most of these stores have already innovated their payment terms and include Klarna as their payment option. When checking out, always check their terms and policies with Klarna financing. The check-out process is usually the same. All you need to do is, select the Klarna payment option, then complete your transaction. 

What are the issues with using Klarna to buy Yeezy?

Like any other financing apps or online shopping, buying Yeezy shoes using Klarna is no exception to issues and challenges in completing your order. Several problems you might want to consider are: 

  • Purchase not approved by Klarna. Several factors caused your Yeezy purchase to decline. You may have missed payments or reported financial hardship from your prior purchase. 
  • No Klarna payment option. Sometimes, a store that accepts Klarna payment doesn’t offer payment plans for a specific item. 
  • Klarna says ‘something went wrong. This could mean your credentials are incorrect, or your Klarna account is configured for Klarna Payments and not for financing. 
  • One-time card purchase is declined. There’s a possibility that the store doesn’t meet Klarna’s risk standards, according to the automated assessment of Klarna. 
  • Order not found in order history. You probably checked out using guest access. In this case, you can track your purchase using an order tracker.

Ecommerce payment processing can be complex to understand, and no system is perfect when buying online. You can always visit FAQs or read payment policies and terms before deciding on your check out. You can also reach out to their customer service at any time if you need assistance.

Does Yeezy accept one-time cards? 

Yes, Yeezy accepts the one-time card. Create a one-time card from Klarna App at the My Klarna tab. Simply set a spending limit and enter an exact amount. Klarna will send a summary of the agreement as a confirmation. Pay with your one-time card upon check out. Keep in mind that you can only use it within 24 hours. Otherwise, it will no longer be valid. 

Klarna One-time card in Klarna mobile app.

Alternatives to using Klarna to shop at Yeezy

Aside from Klarna, Yeezy also accepts the following payment methods: 


Paypal is one of the oldest financial technology companies that provide online payments systems worldwide. Today, Paypal has joined the financing market and offers a buy now pay later option like its competitor, Klarna. 


Affirm is a publicly traded financial technology company that offers installment loans for consumers to buy in their partnered store. With Affirm, you can now buy your dream Yeezy kick without hurting your budget. They also offer a buy now pay later option upon your check out. 


Afterpay is an Australian financial technology company that’s a direct competitor of Klarna in providing payment plans to shoppers. Just like its competitors, it also offers flexible payment terms when buying Yeezy at the Adidas store or any retailer store.