Does Zara Accept Klarna?

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on April 3, 2022

Apparel companies like Zara are open to many payment methods that are available today. Even Buy Now. Pay Later platforms are now available for buyers on Zara to use.

Zara accepts Klarna as a payment method for many of its products. Klarna users can pay for Zara products during Checkout.

Paying through Klarna has benefited the Zara buyers and the Zara platform itself. They gained more customers by allowing more payment options like Klarna.

Zara Klarna

Can You Use Klarna with Zara?

Yes. You can use Klarna with Zara for product payments upon checking out. 

Still, every product purchase from Zara needs to be approved by Klarna first. It is one of the restrictions that Klarna has for its users, especially the newer ones.

You will also not know the spending limit Klarna has allotted to you until you purchase something. So, it’s not guaranteed that you can always purchase whatever you want in Zara.

Even so, by using Klarna for a long time, they will acknowledge your actions and will let you purchase even more. In some cases, higher-priced Zara products will always be allowed for purchase. 

What’s good about using Klarna overall is that it doesn’t affect a buyer’s credit score. It means that continuously using Klarna will not put you in a large debt outside the platform.

Zara Klarna

How to Use Klarna to Buy Zara

Buying products in Zara is now affordable by using Klarna. It is suitable for customers to pay for the product’s total price and pay later to Klarna. 

Still, you can take helpful steps if you want to buy something in Zara. Follow these simple and specific steps for a successful Zara purchase.

Step 1: Go to the Zara Website

First, visit the official website of Zara. You can do this by using any web browser from any compatible device. 

You may type into your URL bar: Then, you have to press the enter button and wait for the website to load.

Or, you can go to a search engine like google and type ‘buy on Zara’ or any similar keywords. After you arrive at the website, they will ask you the country you currently live in. 

It ensures that the product prices and shipping fees are adjusted according to your country. It will only be prompted if you visit Zara’s website for the first time. 

After that, whenever you visit the website, it will be automatically redirected to a Zara web version for your country. 

Step 2: Select Your Preferred Category

On the Zara website, there are multiple categories catered for specific customers. The product categories are for Women, Men, Kids, Home, LilMCKimm, Shoes & Bags, and more. 

You can see the list of categories by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines on the upper left part of the website. The categories also include information about the website and gift cards for all Zara customers. 

Then clicking one of them will take you to the next page with many products to choose from.

Step 3: Browse your Product Choices

Zara has categories within categories in many of its products. For example, when you click on the ‘man’ category, more lists will drop down that include categories like party, basics, puffers, jackets, and other variations of men’s clothing.

The following example is if you select ‘jackets.’ The link will take you to a page with countless jacket types and variations.

You then need to scroll down and find the specific product you want. It is one of the reasons why many customers go to Zara because of the product diversity they offer.

Step 4: Go to Your Zara cart and Checkout.

When you are done choosing and customizing a product, the next thing to do is add it to your cart. You can easily find the ‘add to cart button on the current page. 

Review everything next, and ensure that the item variation and price are accurate and correct. And then, you may proceed to Checkout by clicking the checkout button. 

You can continue as a guest and fill up additional info on shipping and more. If you have a Zara account already, the browser will take you straight to the payment section.

Step 5: Pay using Klarna

Whenever you want to use Klarna for payment, you must create a Klarna card first. It will act as a credit card that you can use in Zara. 

However, the Klarna option will not appear unless you have a Klarna browser extension or haven’t installed the Klarna app yet.

If the method above doesn’t work, you may select any payment methods and instead input the info provided in the Klarna card. Wait for the purchase approval of Klarna, and then you are done.

Zara Klarna

Zara Payment not Working

Zara will accept the payment as long as external financing services like Klarna approves. If Zara’s payment using Klarna doesn’t work, it might not have been approved yet.

Another possible reason is technical issues, and the only possible solution is to wait it out or contact Zara or Klarna for confirmation. 

Zara Klarna

Alternatives to Using Klarna for Zara

Other similar services to Klarna are also available. You can check the best alternatives to Klarna here:

a. Afterpay

Afterpay is the go-to buy now, pay later app for students. The reason is that the payment plans and interests provided by Afterpay are a lot manageable for most people.

b. Affirm

Affirm is the most flexible pay later platform available online. The platform has a lot of good reviews from their users too. 

c. PayPal Credit

PayPal credit is used by people with a limited budget and small purchases. It is not suitable for large purchases because the interest rate is higher than its competitors.