Best Recording Format OBS

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) allows users save offline video recordings in six (6) different formats. OBS users need different recording formats, but what extension is the best overall. 

MKV and FLV are the two best recording formats on OBS for general use. Other formats like MP4 and TS are also useful for different recording needs.

People might decide to record videos on OBS to stream directly on YouTube, share, adjust, stream, and much more. If you don’t know what OBS format best suits your recording needs, this article is for you.

The information in this article makes it easy to select an ideal recording format in your OBS sessions with ease!

OBS Best Recording Format for Compatible Videos

mp4 is the best recording format on OBS for videos that will play on most devices. mp4 recordings will work on almost all electronic devices and is easy to store, transfer, and duplicate. 

OBS users can conveniently switch the resolution of their mp4 recordings. Few changes to the bitrate, frame per second (FPS) count, and output resolution will change the quality of mp4 recordings. 

People who want to record videos with high compatibility on mp4 through OBS should follow the path: OBS > File > Settings > Output > Recording Format > (change to mp4).

Most OBS versions come with mp4 as the default extension for recording offline videos. 

What is the Best Recording OBS Format for Direct YouTube Uploads?

The best recording formats for direct YouTube uploads is mp4. However, it is advised that you record from OBS in mkv and remux to mp4 when you’re done. 

mkv recordings offer better detailing than mp4 and you can easily convert them post-record. 

To remux mkv files to mp4, follow the path: 

OBS > Settings > Advanced > Recording > check the box (Automatically remux to mp4)

If you don’t want to remux mkv recordings, follow the OBS > File > Settings > Output > Recording Format > (change to mp4).

Best Recording Format for Movies and Professional Videos on OBS

mkv is the best format for recording professional videos, movies, and high-res content on OBS. The mkv format supports medium to high-resolution videos best suited to record quality content. 

mkv’s easy adjustability to fit different frames and support wide-ranging audio channels is another plus for professional content. 

You can switch your OBS default recording format to mkv through the path: 

OBS > File > Settings > Output > Recording Format > (change option from dropdown menu to mkv).

Best Recording Format OBS for Adjustable Frame Rate 

mkv support smooth frame rate adjustment superior to what’s obtainable from mp4 or other formats. Recording content with high mobility is possible with the mkv format on OBS. 

Besides being suited to rigid FPS, mkv can also smoothly render content across dynamic frames.  

You can switch your default OBS recording format to mkv with the following steps:

OBS > File > Settings > Output > Recording Format > (change option to mkv)

OBS Best Recording Format for Multiple Soundtracks

mkv is the best recording format on OBS for recording multiple soundtracks with minimal issues. The mkv format allows users render content from several audio channels without changes in output or overall quality. 

Best Recording Format OBS for Streaming Videos

flv remains OBS’ top recording format for streaming videos based on its features. flv allows streamers render content in small file sizes in high-definition and high frame rates.

Even if flv is behind mkv in frame rate quality, it still offers clear video support for many OBS streamers. mkv is not suitable for streaming as it tends to consume more space and might not be supported everywhere. 

flv, however, offers considerable compatibility for streaming across several services with ease. 

Best OBS Recording Format for Small-Size Videos

flv offers better recording options for OBS users who need small-sized videos with good rendering quality. Files in the flv file format are usually small and can support content in high resolution. 

flv files can also record videos at high frame rates, but not at the same level with mkv extensions. 

Follow the path below to switch your default offline recording format on OBS to flv:

OBS > File > Settings > Output > Recording Format > (switch options from dropdown menu to flv)

ding Format > (switch options from dropdown menu to flv)

Best OBS Recording Format Overall

The best OBS recording format overall is mkv with mp4 slightly behind in terms of rendering animated content. mkv also performs better in supporting many soundtracks along with easy frame rate adjust capabilities. 

mp4 is a little preferred for most OBS users based on its wide compatibility and support for YouTube direct uploads.