Discord Bullet Points - How to Make Bullet Points in Discord

By Mohammad Alam Written by Mohammad Alam
Updated on August 4, 2023

Bullet points are essential when it comes to posting announcements or some kind of list. Bullet points can easily grab the attention of the features. Hence, it is important to use them in Discord also.  Adding Discord bullet points via markdown is not possible but you can certainly add bullet points manually. You need to copy-paste your desired bullet symbols to make your texts on Discord way more organized. You can also use num lock to get the job done.  

Discord Bullet Points screenshot

Can you create bullet points on Discord using Markdown?

Unfortunately creating bullet points on Discord using Markdown is not possible. Because it doesn’t contain list constructs. Discord usually does not erase the spaces from the beginning of the line which allows you to create bullet points manually. 

Even though adding this feature on markdown would make it easier for the users. Besides, bullet points make the text way more organized. Hence, a lot of users demand this feature. 

How to use the copy-pasting method for bullet points?

Bullet points can easily separate important information from the text. The common one is the middle dot • which is typically used to add features or items to a list. It can also be used to differentiate between titles. 

Different sites have a variety of options when it comes to bullet points. You can simply copy and paste them on Discord. If you don’t want to take the hassle of visiting a site, then you can simply use bullet points on Google Docs or Microsoft Word. 

Copy your written text and paste it on your Discord text. Another shortcut method is, to select the bullet point or the text you want to copy, then press ctrl C and press ctrl V to the place where you want to paste. 

How to use Num Lock for creating bullet points on Discord?

As it is not possible to create bullet points through markdown on Discord, you need to create bullet points manually. There is a shortcut for doing this. You’ll find this shortcut on your keyboard. 

In places like Discord, where you will not find special characters like dots or arrow symbols, you can easily use these shortcut keys to highlight the important parts of your text. The first shortcut is Alt+0149. This will readily insert a bullet point on your screen. You can also press Alt+7 instead of Alt+0149. 

Besides this, you can also use the Num lock key to create bullet points from your keyboard. For that, you will have to put the cursor where you need to create the sign. Press the Alt key and hold it for a while. 

When you are holding the Alt key, one by one type all the numbers from 0 to 9, one after another, and give a final check to see whether you have successfully inserted the bullet points or not. 

How to create bullet points using emojis?

Creating bullet points by using dots can be boring. You can day spice your text up by using emoji as bullet points. It will make your text look interesting and will hold your audiences’ attraction for a while.

It is not that difficult to create emoji bullet points. You just have to right-click on your mouse on the very first bullet point. Afterward, select more bullets. At the very first dropdown menu, you will see emoji. Select that. Finally, select the emoji you want. 

Why are bullet points so useful in Discord?

Bullet points help to make a text concise and organized. You can format your text by using bullet points and ensure that you are properly highlighting your texts with the help of some bullet points. 

If you have a big paragraph, it can be difficult for the reader to find the necessary information. As a writer, you need to ensure that the text is concise and the reader can quickly get the information that they are looking for. 

It doesn’t matter where you are putting your text. Even if it’s just a regular text on Discord, you can certainly make it organized and put together by adding some bullet points. 

⦁ Bullet points draw the attention of the reader. 

⦁ A reader can scan the text and grab the necessary details without any difficulties. 

⦁ It establishes proper communication. 

⦁ The text looks organized and the information is passed effectively. 

As Discord doesn’t provide a built-in bullet point feature, people don’t use it that often. Therefore, those who use it manually can enhance the quality of their text instantly. Creating bullet points through the keyboard is not that difficult. 

Because Discord doesn’t allow the users to create bullet points through markdown, users have to manually add the bullet points. Some of them find it quite annoying. That’s why different forums suggest the creators add this feature to make it easy for the users. Learn more at https://discord.com/.