Fox Sports 2 Channel in Fios

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Updated on April 30, 2023

Verizon is one of the largest multinational telecommunications conglomerates in the United States. They offer fast internet services nationwide. They use a 100% fiber-optic network with very fast internet speeds. In addition, they also offer a television service bundled with their internet plans, called Verizon Fios. It has more than 300 channels, including Discovery Channel, Comedy Central, ESPN, ESPN2, FOX Sports, and many more.

Fox Sports 2 is the 122nd most popular channel on TV nationwide. So, the addition of Fox Sports 2 (FS2), an American sports-oriented pay television channel, to Verizon Fios is good news for its followers. Now you can watch it on your TV with your Verizon connection with seamless viewing.

Can I watch Fox Sports 2 HD on Verizon? 

Fox Sport 2 HD is already available in the Verizon Fios TV package.

Currently, Fox Sport 2 can be viewed on the Verizon Fios TV package. Finally, it can also be watched in HD resolution to keep up with the demand of viewers. Now you can enjoy watching soccer play, the DP world tour, tennis, the Olympics, NASCAR Xfinity Series, motorsports, and many more.

What channel number is Fox Sports 2 on Verizon?

Fox Sports 2 is on channel 84 SD/584 HD.

Finally, one of the most watched sports channels can be watched on the Fios Verizon TV package. You can now watch broadcasts of games, shows, and events. For those who are looking for what channel it is, you can turn your TV to channel 84/584 HD. Should you need help with your remoted, you can go to

Can I watch Fox Sports 2 in 4K Ultra HD video?

Fox Sports 2 is available on 4K Ultra HD video.

For viewers to enjoy their favorite sports show more, Verizon Fios has made sure to meet the standard of bigger televisions that require higher resolution. You can now watch Fox Sports 2 in 4K Ultra HD video with four times better resolution than the traditional HD. You can enjoy beautiful 3840×2160 pictures on your large screen TV with more realistic, vibrant, and not pixilated views. Now you can watch Super Bowl in the highest video output resolution possible for your TV with many other sports coverage.

Is Fox Sports free with Verizon?

Fox Sport 2 is free with Verizon Fios

Once you subscribed to Verizon Fios TV, you can watch or stream your favorite sport in Fox Sports 2 for free with Fios Verizon. You can watch from your living room couch or your computer, phone, or tablet whenever and wherever you want. You can find the best live sports coverage, 24 hours, 7 days a week, such as NBA, MLB, NASCAR, WWE, and many more.

Can I watch Fox Sports 2 in Ultimate HD in Fios?

Fox Sports 2 is available in the FIOS TV Ultimate HD package.

You can watch Fox Sports 2 in the Extreme HD TV package of Verizon Fios along with other 425+ channels in SD and HD streaming for as low as $90.00/mo. The channels you get will depend on the FIOS package you get. The good news is all packages of FIOS include Fox Sports 2 on their channel list along with the popular ones, such as ESPN, Comedy Central, AMC, and many more. With the FIOS TV Ultimate HD package, you also have privileged access to premium channels like Showtime, Epix, Encore, HBO, and Movie Channel.

Can I watch Fox Sports 2 on the Preferred HD channel in Fios? 

You can watch Fox Sports 2 on the FIOS TV Preferred HD package.

The lowest tier of the classic Verizon Fios packages is the Preferred HD. It includes a lesser number of channels and less access to HD channels. The good thing is Fox Sport 2 channel is still included in the channel lineup of the Verizon Fios Preferred HD package.

Is Fox Sports 2 available on Fios Custom TV?

You can watch Fox Sport 2 with the Fios Custom TV package.

With Fios Custom TV, you can get all the local broadcast channels and 59 cable channels. Although it is cheaper than the first two packages, you can still watch from Fox Sport 2 channel at channel 84 SD or 584 HD.

Does Fios TV Mundo Total include Fox Sport 2?

Fios TV Mundo has Fox Sport 2 included on its line up

Verizon indeed continues to meet the needs of viewers by adding packages like Fios TV Mundo from Fox International Channels and RCN Television Group of Colombia. It has Spanish-language broadcast networks. It didn’t disappoint the sports watchers as you can still watch Fox Sports 2 in SD and HD.

Is Fox Sport 2 included in Fios Premium Channels?

Fox Sport 2 is not a premium channel, although you can watch it on an HD at channel 584.