FVP Battery Review

By Kathrina Jane Tiangco Written by Kathrina Jane Tiangco
Updated on July 25, 2023

FVP, which was founded in 2005, is based on a dedication to excellence and provides unrivaled service. FVP products are particularly built to give OE quality at a reasonable rate that is equivalent to or better than national brands in terms of performance. For automobiles, trucks, as well as specialty vehicles, the FVP brand began with low-cost OEM grade filters, batteries, and radiators. FVP now officially offers a complete battery portfolio for your automobile, RV, watercraft, industrial, and lawn and garden demands. Condensers, motor oil, hub assemblies, cabin air filters, oil filters, transmission filters, fuel filters, antifreeze, DEF, plus chemicals are all available from FVP.

There is no one producer of FVP batteries. ATLASBX America Corporation as well as Exide manufacture the majority of the batteries they sell. Both firms are well-known for their products across the world. FVP was created in 2005, and in only some few years, they’ve built a reputation for offering exceptional products and service. Besides excellence, their customer service representatives have been dealing flawlessly with their clients’ needs, which is another cause for their popularity. Their customer service is known for responding to consumer enquiries, demands, and concerns with breakneck speed, with 24-hour phone support and lightning-fast reaction times.

FVP Battery: Lifespan and Safety

You get fantastic things that are well constructed to provide OE performance at a reasonable price. They compete with other high-end companies, which is precisely what a buyer wants. They specialize with batteries (OEM-original product parts), radiators, including filters for cars, autos, and trucks. Their complete battery line is incredible, and they manufacture the greatest batteries for boats, RVs, autos, garden needs, commercial uses, and yard work. The greater density paste within the FVP batteries prevents plate deterioration and material shredding, resulting in a longer duration and higher power density. In addition, the enhanced plate design eliminates frequent long-cycle battery failure mechanisms. It also guarantees that structural style and performance are compatible.

FVP Battery Features

The AGM separator (Absorbed Glass Mat) offers the best cycling, starting, and deep cycle efficiency. For today’s passenger cars and light trucks, FVP’s AGM batteries are indeed the preferable choice. FVP’s lawn or garden battery range can handle all of your motor tractors as well as recreational vehicle needs. Each battery is built to power you up in the most extreme circumstances. Marine batteries, but at the other hand, are built to withstand extreme vibration and pressure as well as function in the toughest situations. Finally, FVP golf cart batteries have been noted for their great runtime and long-term durability. They are the best golf cart batteries.

FVP Battery Pros and Cons

Once it pertains to batteries, automotive specialists think twice before taking chances. In automobile, commercial, and golf settings, FVP VoltEdge batteries deliver industry-leading strength and reliability. Minimize gassing and increase watering intervals using Calcium/Calcium Grid Alloy. For a longer life, it has great resistance to corrosion. By preventing material flaking and plate degradation, Higher Volume Paste increases energy density and extends cycle life. Fiber Reinforced Separators aid in maintaining cell pressure during cycles and extend plate durability in high-vibration environments. 

Optimized Plate Design strikes a balance between structural and performance design. Reduces the likelihood of typical Deep Cycle battery failure scenarios.Popular Setups The GC2, GC8, and 12-volt golf carts come in a variety of combinations, making it simple to give your customers with just what they want.

FVP Battery Price Range

Other firms may be involved with FVP in the production of batteries for them. The majority of the items, however, originate from ATLASBX. This is a South Korean global corporation with headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, where they operate its US-based goods in 2017. Exide manufactures a minor fraction of the total output. The majority of Exide batteries are produced in India. FVP is a well-known name in the automotive battery industry. People want to utilize their items since they have shown their worth. Its items range in price from $50 to $200 depending on the type.

FVP Battery Maintenance and Warranty

FVP Platinum comes with a three-year warranty coverage from the manufacturer.

So that you may buy with confidence, we have AGM Batteries. For three years, they guarantee that one’s Battery is devoid of material and craftsmanship problems. If the provisions of this Service are fulfilled, this Service is the exclusive and sole warranty offered by manufacturer motor parts for this Battery. This warranty only applies to batteries purchased and installed in automobiles, vans, light trucks, and sport utility vehicles in the continental U.s.. This Warranty only covers failures caused by manufacturer flaws in material or workmanship while the Battery is under regular use. This Warranty does not cover any other damage.

FVP Battery vs. Other Brands

Automobile batteries are all almost identical. Manufacturers employ slightly various materials or make minor changes to the conventional layout of internal pieces, but the end products are nearly identical. You may choose between regular liquid-cell packs, that are the most popular, and more expensive gel-cell batteries. Gel-cell batteries employ a gel to maintain electrical charge, makes them perfect for usage in extreme temperatures or at strange angles. Aside from that, gel-cell as well as liquid-cell batteries are nearly identical. FVP batteries, a liquid-cell battery manufacturer, must be compared to other producers based on CCA/CA, size, or warranties.