How much is 200 gifted subs on Twitch?

Twitch is a live-streaming video platform designed for gamers. A world’s leading video platform and community for gamers. Twitch features content, including game libraries, live streaming broadcasts, and many more. In a nutshell, Twitch is not just watching other people play games; it’s you, playing them, too! Aside from this, you can earn money while playing through crowdfunded subscriptions, viewers’ donations, brand sponsorship, affiliate marketing, game sales, and merchandising.

When you are just starting your channel on Twitch, it would be hard to get the traction you need to earn money, especially if you only have 200 subscribers. But there are ways that you can try to increase your viewership and revenue. ( Gifted Subs are available on Twitch to help streamers expand the community. Gifted Subs are little tokens users can buy on Twitch, which can be given to other viewers or streamers. The amount of money a streamer can earn from receiving a gifted sub is the same as he/she would from a regular sub. For example, a 200 tier 1 Gifted Sub received by a streamer means additional $500 earnings for the month.

How much do 200 gifted subs worth

200 gifted subs are worth $500 

Gifted Subs are the little tokens users can buy on Twitch.  A user can give Gifted Subs to other users to support any streamer they want. Your Gifted Sub will be the same as your regular subscription. Thus, tier 1 Gifted Sub costs $4.99, tier 2 costs $9.99, and tier 3 costs $24.99. The same rules apply to Gifted Sub when using it to support a specific streamer. Twitch will split the cost of the gifted sub to the streamer. For example, if a streamer receives 200 tier 1 gifted sub, he/she will earn $500. 

How much is one gifted sub worth?

One gifted sub worth according to gifted sub tier

Gifted sub cost varies according to tier: 

  1. Tier 1 gifted sub costs $4.99
  2. Tier 2 gifted sub costs $9.99 
  3. Tier 3 gifted sub costs $24.99

A streamer who receives gifted subs would earn half of the price of the gifted sub, which will be added to the monthly earnings of a streamer.

Do Streamers Make Money from Gifted Subs?

A streamer can also earn 50% of the cost of Gifted subs

Gifted Subs are a way to help a streamer grow a community. A viewer or streamer can give it to other users to subscribe to the channel of a streamer they want to support. Gifted subs have the same value as if you were the one subscribing to a channel. Therefore, a streamer can still earn 50% of the cost of Gifted subs.