How to Use Klarna for Airbnb

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Updated on April 2, 2022

There’s been a long, drawn-out grumbling from thousands of travelers about their inability to make Airbnb bookings using their Klarna one-time cards. Unfortunately, it did take a while before a few Airbnb owners warmed up to the idea of including Klarna as one of their payment methods.

The reason for the latter delay was simple; Klarna was still brand new to the market and Airbnb was waiting to see how it fairs on in a steeply contested market. Thankfully, Klarna has outdone itself despite a few setbacks.

In as much as a few Airbnb owners are warming up to the convenience that comes with accepting Klarna payments, many travelers are still having an issue with making payments using their Klarna one-time cards. So, how does one go about it? Keep reading to find out:

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What are the steps you’re required to follow when using Klarna?

Just like it’s the case with any other form of online payment, there’re a few steps you’re required to follow before Airbnb can accept your Klarna payments. These include the following:

1. Create a Klarna account

First things first, you’ll have to create a Klarna account; that’s in case you don’t have one already. If you do, then you might as well skip this step and go directly to logging in. Always remember to keep your log-in credentials private, for obvious reasons. You’ll also be required to use a secure browser to avoid online scams from retrieving your financial information, especially if you’re using a public computer to browse.

Setting up your Klarna during registration

2. My Klarna Tab

Once you’re logged in, head to My Klarna Tab and click on it. The latter action should lead you to your Purchase/Payment History. In case you’re looking to make a repeat payment, then you can simply click on your last payment and you’ll be presented with an option to make a similar payment.

My Klarna Tab

3. Browse

If you’re looking to make payment to a new Airbnb, then it means the business name would most certainly not be in your Payment/Purchase History. In this case, you’ll have to browse the name of the Airbnb you’ll like to pay. Again, if the Airbnb you’re interested in has enlisted Klarna as one of its modes of payment, then its business name should show up in the search.

If not, then you can always look for an alternative payment for the same business. We’ll be taking a quick swipe at the alternative payment options hinted above shortly. In case you have a Klarna account but wish to pay from the official Airbnb website, then you’ll have to log in then go straight to the Trips Tab.

Browsing for online businesses using the Klarna browser

Search the destination and book a reservation from the Airbnb of your choosing. The latter action should lead you to the Payments Tab. From there, you shouldn’t have a problem scheduling your payments as well as making the necessary updates.

For the umpteenth time, if the Airbnb you’re looking for accepts klarna payments, then their respective business name should appear in your search automatically. You’ll then clock on Submit after you’ve filled in the blanks with relevant information. The information in question includes the date as well as the number of days you’ll be staying at your preferred Airbnb.

Can you book an Airbnb and sort the payments later?

Yes, you can. That’s the whole point of creating Klarna in the first place. But, as I’ve already mentioned several times before, you’ll have to look for an Airbnb that accepts payments through Klarna. That’s the only way doing the latter would work.

What other forms of payment does Airbnb accept besides Klarna?

As I’d mentioned earlier, there’re a few modes of payment that Airbnb accepts. PayPal is without a doubt the most popular form of payment available in Airbnb. PayPal is not only easy to create but it’s also one of the most convenient and secure modes of payment, especially when it comes to online shopping/payments.

Another mode of payment eligible on Airbnb is credit card payments. Examples of credit cards accepted on the official Airbnb website include JCB cards, Discover, Amex, pre-paid credit Visa, and MasterCard, among others. What of debit cards? Are they accepted on the official Airbnb website?

Yes. In most cases, debit cards are processed as credit cards by most online businesses. Feel free to use Google Pay and Apple Pay to make your Airbnb payments because they’re also listed.

While most Airbnbs in other countries accept cash or offline payments, the same isn’t the case in the United States as doing so is a violation of United States Law. The same is also a violation of Airbnb’s terms as doing so not only exposes you to a plethora of dangers but it would also be near impossible for Airbnb to protect you from being defrauded.

That said, it’s better to use any of the payment modes mentioned above because your protection from fraudsters is almost always guaranteed.

Does Klarna cater for monthly Airbnb payments?

Of course, it does. Again, as long as the Airbnb you’re looking to visit accepts Klarna’s terms and conditions. The latter is still quite rare, but not entirely impossible.

Are there any scams associated with Klarna?

Online scamming has been an issue ever since online payments, and eventually, online shopping, became the norm. Klarna, therefore, is just one of the many online payment methods that have been plagued by the scammer scourge. Thankfully, Klarna is doing everything in its power to put a stop to online scamming.

Klarna is also urging its esteemed clients to do their part in fighting fraud. They can do so by using safe browsers to make payments and always keeping their login details confidential.