By Van Mahinay Written by Van Mahinay
Updated on July 24, 2023

If you were going through the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network, you might see some suspicious names connected to your network. Occasionally, you might see a device named “Murata” or “MurataMa” in the device list, and you have no idea what it is and who owns it. 

Murata Logo

These “Murata”/”MurataMa” names come from Murata Manufacturing, a Japanese company that produces many wireless components, including those used to connect to Wi-Fi networks. One of your devices must have a component inside them coming from Murata Manufacturing.

Why is Murata Manufacturing on my Wi-Fi Network?

If you take a look at the devices connected to your network right now, you might see the unknown “Murata” device on the list. It goes by many variations aside from “Murata”, including “MurataMa” and “Murata Manufacturing.”

Although you might not immediately recognize the device, there is no need to panic about this unknown device. Highly likely, one of your devices, most commonly smartphones, refer to this “Murata” device. Routers, modems, and switches can also show up as a “MurataMa” device in your list.

Since smartphones require a Wi-Fi component to be able to connect to the Internet, some of them must have used one of Murata Manufacturing’s products. Aside from smartphones, smart appliances can also have a Murata Manufacturing component inside, and appear as “Murata” on the list.

Your device list might be configured to show the manufacturer’s name instead of the device name. This is especially true when you are looking through the MAC addresses of the devices in your list, as specific companies have their own MAC addresses for their components/devices.

What Does Murata Manufacturing Make?

Murata Manufacturing is a Japanese company involved in the electronics and telecommunications industry. Their products are embedded in many modern devices and appliances all across the world, most prominently in smartphones.

Murata Devices

Their products range from basic electronic components like capacitors, inductors, and resistors to advanced modules like sensors, antennas, and connectivity modules. They also manufacture important components used inside routers and switches.

Because of the high demand of the electronics industry, Murata Manufacturing enjoys a high market share due to their product range. Some of their biggest clients include Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, as well as many Chinese phone manufacturers.

This means that if you have an Apple, Samsung, or even any Chinese phone, there’s a very high chance that you are using Murata Manufacturing components.

Which Device has the “Murata Manufacturing” MAC Address

If you do want to know which specific device is being referred to by this unknown “Murata” device, there are ways to identify this suspicious device. You can go the manual way or the more technical way.

For the more manual way, you simply need to disconnect all devices from your Wi-Fi network and manually add them in as you go through each device. This is much easier to do when you have access to all your known devices and you do not have a lot of things connected to your network.

However, you can also choose the more technical way, which requires you to have access to your router’s settings using MAC address filtering, usually through a browser in a Windows machine. This also only works if you know the exact MAC address of the Murata device.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. On your browser, go to your router’s settings. You can find your router’s settings by accessing your router’s default gateway, which is typically a string of numbers entered as a website. It usually starts with 192.168.x.x, with the exes replaced by numbers.
  • If you don’t know your default gateway, just open Command Prompt and type “ipconfig” then enter. Find your Internet connection and you should see the default gateway in this section.
Murata IP

2. Once you’re in your router settings, you will be required to login. If you have not fiddled with your router settings, you can use the default credentials. This is dependent on your router model, so do a quick Google search for these credentials.

  • Oftentimes, the default username is “admin” or “user”, and the default password is the same as the username, “password”, or “1234”.

3. From here on, you will need to find the MAC filter feature of your router. Again, this is dependent on your router model. It can be called “MAC Address Filtering”, or “MAC Filter”, or “Access Control.” There can be many possible ways to find this:

  • Under Security
  • Under Advanced Settings
  • Under your Wi-Fi settings
Murata MAC Filter

4. Enable the MAC address filtering feature of your router, and then add the MAC address of the Murata device as a blocked or blacklisted device. Again, this will vary across routers, but this step should be straightforward if you have found the feature in your router settings.

5. This should disconnect the Murata device from your network. You can now go through all your own devices and see which one was disconnected. If it was one of your devices, you can simply remove the MAC address from the blocked list or disable MAC address filtering altogether.

Is It Safe to Have a MurataMa Device on my Network?

If you have successfully identified which device was the Murata device on your network, then it is perfectly fine for it to be connected. The MurataMa naming is simply the component inside your device, so if you know and trust that device, it is perfectly safe.

More often than not, the Murata device is either a phone that just recently connected to your network, or a new router, switch, or smart appliance that was added into your network. In most cases, having a Murata device on your network is not a cause for panic. 

However, if you have followed the steps above and were not able to determine which one of your own devices was the Murata one, then that means that you can just leave the MAC address filtering feature on and leave that device blocked.