How much does YouTube pay for 10000 subscribers?

By Shaira Alano Written by Shaira Alano
Updated on August 4, 2023

YouTube is a social media platform that can reward its users with actual revenue given some terms and conditions. Growing a YouTube channel can be challenging work, but it can get rewarding! Read on to find out how much does YouTube pay for 10k subscribers?

How much YouTube pays for 10k subscribers

So, how much do 10k subscribers on Youtube pay? You can earn most of your income from ads revenue.

Your average income with your channel with 10k subscribers is about $200.

The mentioned amount is only the average as the potential pay can get higher or lower depending on many factors. However, the revenue potential is enormous regardless of whether you calculate views or subscribers.

According to studies, YouTube is still a terrific location to spend your advertising dollars. In reality, YouTube’s ad revenue increased 43% in 2022 compared to the previous year.

YouTube 10k subscribers Play Button

Only channels that have earned their subscribers legally, who have consistently adhered to YouTube’s laws, conditions, and guidelines, and those that meet additional internal standards, are eligible for the prize: the Play Button!

YouTube created the YouTube Creator Awards to recognize your accomplishments. When a particular threshold of subscribers is reached, this prize can be yours.

Unfortunately, no Play Button is awarded to channels with 10k subs yet. The least number of subs that gets a Play Button is 100k subscribers. Here, the Silver Play Button is awarded.

How much does a YouTuber with 1k subscribers earn?

With as few as 1,000 subscribers, you can already get a bit of revenue from all your hard work on this social media platform!

Typically, YouTube channels get around $20 per 1000 subscribers. Depending on the influencer’s strategy, reach, and sponsorship revenues, this can go higher or lower.

How many videos do you need to get 10k subscribers?

The number of videos you have ready for your channel can dictate how long you can get a certain number of subscribers.

To achieve 10000 subscribers, you might need at least 151 videos ready for your channel!

How much should I ask sponsors for my YouTube with 10k subscribers?

Having 10k subs on YouTube means you have already established your fanbase and audience. So, you can try reaching out to sponsors to make the most out of your revenue!

If you have 10k subs, you can begin by asking for $200 per video sponsorship. If the brand is a good fit, you might be able to negotiate higher pricing depending on your leverage. This includes your audience demographics, your content, and how distinct your niche is.

Sponsored videos for 10k subscribers

Brand sponsorships must be the main priority of your YouTube revenue strategy. For more on how to make money on YouTube, the best approach to earning from your content is getting paid for your videos on the platform. 

Depending on the brand and your involvement on YouTube, a brand sponsorship might bring in thousands of dollars for every post. Fewer than 10,000 subscribers used to be a deterrent when applying for brand sponsorships. However, it is no longer the case nowadays.

Now, it all boils down to your niche and how much sponsorships want to provide for you!