How to Use Klarna to Buy Golf Clubs

Shopping for the right equipment is something golf enthusiasts and professionals can’t do without. Shoppers can purchase the best golf equipment from these stores easily, as many retailers support different payment methods. 

Right now, many buyers shopping for golf clubs opt for Klarna as their preferred payment method. Shoppers can buy a golf club with a card linked to Klarna and split payments with ease. 

The demand for high-quality golf clubs isn’t going to go down any time soon. Golfers are always keen to get durable, efficient, and easy-to-handle golf clubs.  

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) apps make it easy for lovers of golfing to order the best clubs without any budget strain. In this guide, we’ll see more detail on how to buy golf clubs with Klarna. 

How to Use Klarna to Buy Golf Clubs Tips For Efficiency

Can I Buy Golf Clubs with Klarna?

Many stores that sell golf clubs accept Klarna as a means of payment at checkout. Most of these stores will only approve your purchase with Klarna when you’ve been vetted through the app. 

A lot of golf clubs also accept other BNPL apps apart from Klarna to facilitate purchases. Buyers keen to shop for high-quality golf clubs before their payday can take advantage of options available from Klarna. 

How to Buy Golf Clubs with Klarna

Klarna offers a valuable option to shoppers and brings more business to golf equipment stores too. You can choose items from your preferred golf goods store, stay on budget, and get your orders shipped hassle-free. 

Follow all the steps below to make all your golf club purchases through Klarna easy and straightforward:

 Step 1: Visit the golf goods store

Shoppers can visit any golf equipment store they fancy that supports payments with Klarna. Buyers can also access these stores through a web browser or via mobile devices. 

Several golf equipment stores are easy to navigate and facilitate easy shopping for all buyers. You can choose different products easily across these stores by using their search bar. 

Some golf goods stores might require buyers to register an account before adding products to a cart. With such a feature, you can easily select products from different categories, save shopping preferences, and do much more. 

Step 2: Choose your preferred golf clubs

Several golf equipment stores have lots of brands available in different categories and sub-categories. Selecting any category will redirect you to access more information about your desired golf clubs. 

You can choose any golf clubs you desire from the category/sub-category. After this, click on “Add to Cart” on a golf club’s information page to add it to your list of items. 

Some stores also add shipping preferences and other options to assist buyers receive their items conveniently. 

Step 3: Checkout

You can go ahead to click on “Buy” or “Buy Now” to move on to the checkout page. The checkout page usually has options on desired quantity of items, payment options, descriptions, and more. 

Step 4: Choose Klarna as your preferred payment method

Select Klarna as your preferred payment option on the store’s checkout page. You will see the option as “Pay with Klarna” or “Pay with K”. 

Shoppers can install the Klarna app or add the browser extension to their computers. 

You can also shop directly from any of these stores through your Klarna app. Look for items through the app’s search bar and select “Pay with K” at checkout.

Where Can I Buy Golf Equipment using Klarna? Tips For Efficiency

Where Can I Buy Golf Equipment using Klarna?

Many top-level stores support Klarna as a means of payment for their merchandise. Such support makes it easy for buyers to shop high-quality golf equipment and pay installments in convenience. 

Top golf equipment stores that accept Klarna include American GolfTaylor Made GolfClub 14 Golf, and Golf Galaxy. Other popular options include Golf Direct NowGolf Bidder, and Clarkes Golf

Alternatives to Klarna for Buying Golf Clubs

Apart from Klarna, many other options exist for shoppers to purchase golf clubs and other equipment. Here are few examples of top alternatives to Klarna for purchasing golf clubs.

A. Affirm

Affirm is a great alternative for purchasing golf equipment. Shoppers have access to credit and can pay installments over a 9-month period. 

B. Afterpay

Afterpay users can access credit to purchase golf equipment and pay installments in 2-week intervals. All Afterpay users have access to buy goods from hundreds of golf equipment stores. 

Afterpay users also get higher credit after every successful purchase and repayment. 

C. Zip

Zip is an alternative to Klarna for purchasing golf equipment. Shoppers can split payments into four equal parts and buyers can get fast access to credit through this option. 

But Zip shoppers must make payments on time to avoid dents on their credit rating. Shoppers that don’t pay installments on time may also need to pay extra fees as interest rates.