How to Use Klarna to Buy an E-bike

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Updated on August 30, 2023

Buying an e-bike is vital for shoppers keen to get easier mobility for regular or occasional commutes. That’s why several e-bike stores make it easy for shoppers to buy these mobile vehicles with different payment methods. Read on to learn how to use Klarna to buy an e-bike.

Currently, many shoppers looking for e-bikes prefer to use Klarna as their preferred payment method. The shoppers can purchase an e-bike by creating a Klarna card that allows split payments into installments.

There’s been an increase in the demand for high-quality e-bikes in recent years. Many commuters want an easy, hassle-free means of transportation and an even easier way to pay for such vehicles. 

That’s why Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) apps like Klarna have created several flexible plans to help buyers own e-bikes. In this guide, we’ll be seeing vital information on how to make e-bike purchases with Klarna as your preferred payment method.

Can I Buy an E-Bike Through Klarna Tips For Efficiency Tips For Efficiency

Can I Buy an E-Bike Through Klarna?

Many e-bike stores accept Klarna as a preferred payment method to make purchases. These stores will accept Klarna for all payments only when you’re approved to access BNPL services. 

Also, many of these e-bike stores accept other forms of payment apart from Klarna. High-priced items can be bought with ease, as you don’t need to pay the entire amount at checkout.

The pay later option from Klarna also allows shoppers on a budget to make purchases while awaiting their payday. 

How to Buy an E-Bike with Klarna

Klarna proves useful to shoppers and is a vital addition to e-bike stores too. You can buy items from your preferred e-bike store, keep your budget in check, and get your e-bike hassle-free. 

Follow the steps below to facilitate your e-bike purchase:

Step 1: Visit the website

Buyers can visit their preferred e-bike store through a Web browser. Also, shoppers can access these stores through the internet via mobile apps on smartphones and other devices. 

Most e-bike stores support a straightforward interface and make shopping easy for all visitors. You can select several products in moments across these stores with a special search bar. 

Some of these e-bike stores may also require shoppers to create an account before buying any product. That way, you can choose from several product categories available and save your preferences for future purchases. 

Step 2: Select your preferred e-bike

Many e-bike stores carry different brands in various product categories. You can choose from the options available in each category and get redirected to a sub-category. 

After choosing a category, you can progress to pick any e-bike you fancy. 

Click on your preferred e-bike and you will get its model information and other vital details. You will also find an “Add to Cart” button to add your preferred e-bikes to your shopping cart.

Some stores will also provide different shipping options to help buyers choose how they want to receive their product. 

Step 3: Proceed to checkout

After adding items to your cart and choosing your preferred option, you will be directed to the store’s checkout page. 

On this page, you will settle payment options, quantity of items, and much more. 

Step 4: Select Klarna as your payment method and confirm

On the checkout page, choose Klarna as your preferred payment method and proceed to confirm your purchase. Note that you must have a Klarna browser extension on your device to choose it as a desired payment method. 

You can also install the Klarna app on your devices and buy products directly from it. Most stores that support Klarna have it as “Pay with K” or “Pay with Klarna” on their checkout page. 

Confirm Klarna as your choice and pick the installment plan you want to pay for your e-bike.  

E-Bike Shops that Accept Klarna Tips For Efficiency

E-Bike Shops that Accept Klarna

Dozens of e-bike shops support Klarna’s pay later function, allowing several buyers to make convenient purchases every time. 

Popular e-bike stores that accept Klarna include Electric Bike SupermarketHalfordsElectric Bike ZoneJuiced Bikes, and St3ike

All Around e-BikesPure Electric, and World of e-Bikes are other e-bike stores that allow shoppers to use Klarna for payments.

Alternatives to Klarna for Buying an E-bike

Afterpay is a suitable alternative to Klarna for purchasing an e-bike. Many e-bike stores offer Afterpay as an approved means of payment, and shoppers can complete payments in four installments. 

Shoppers can process an Afterpay financing plan with four 2-week installments. In total, shoppers have about 8 weeks to complete payments for an e-bike through Afterpay. 

Affirm is a top choice for shoppers keen to buy an e-bike now and pay in installments. Shoppers who use Affirm can get an e-bike from their preferred store and pay back installments over 9 months. 

PayPal Credit also offers an excellent alternative to purchase e-bikes and pay them back later. Users of PayPal Credit can access a loan for an e-bike and pay installments over a 6-month period.