SVG Meaning Etsy

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on May 16, 2023

Image processing is a tool that most Etsy sellers are utilizing. Image formats like SVG are also used more often by Etsy sellers to put specific images on their products.

SVG is a particular type of image format that relies on vectors to create images. It creates clearer and more detailed images that make Etsy product banners look better and attractive.

It is an uncommon image type and is rarely used by social media users. SVG is rarely used before because the image type is not versatile enough to be used for most imaging tasks.

The way SVGs are used very precisely. Its unique characteristics as an image format are the one that limits it.

They are best used for making Logo designs, diagrams, charts, and even images with quick animations. SVGs are also smaller in size compared to other image formats.

A good thing to consider is that SVGs can retain the image quality of an object even if the image is scaled down. This way, product images will not appear pixelated even when viewed on a mobile device.

It is convenient because Etsy has a mobile app available for all of its users. Buyers on Etsy must view images from a seller’s store even when using them from different browsers or devices.

Etsy SVG

What Does SVG Stand For?

SVG is short for Scalable Vector Graphic. The word ‘scalable’ is the most accurate word to describe the image format.

Images made from SVG format can be scaled up to most, if not all, available image resolutions. 

Etsy SVG

What are SVG Files?

SVG files are image files that users can store anywhere in a user’s computer, phone, or even cloud storage. The way it takes up storage is similar to all other types of image formats.

However, its structure is what separates it from other image formats. It is made up of vectors that enable it to adjust itself to the set image resolution.

There are also limits to SVG files. One thing is that a web browser or any image viewing software must support SVG files.

Still, almost all image viewers on all devices and browsers today can support SVG files.   

Is SVG Better than PNG?

SVG images can be better than PNG. However, the same can also be said vice versa.

SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics is structurally different from PNG or Portable Network Graphics. Though the roles they can fulfill are almost the same, versatility must be factored in when choosing the better format.

Both can be the best choice for image processing, depending on the situation and needs of the user. There are differences that you should be aware of to compare and select what image format is suitable.

SVG should be the choice if you want an image to retain its quality even while zoomed in. The image quality of PNG files decreases as it is zoomed in.

Another vital factor to consider is that you can edit SVGs, and you can’t edit PNGs. You may use SVG If you are not yet sure that your image is a finished product.

Etsy SVG

How Do I Save an Etsy File as SVG?

Firstly, you must be aware that you can’t save an SVG file from Etsy if the image is of another format. However, there are ways to save an Etsy image file as an SVG image type.

To save an Etsy file as SVG, click on the Etsy image that you want to save. Click the right mouse button and choose ‘save image as’ when the image is fully viewed.

Note that typing the ‘.svg’ extension in the image file name will not work. After downloading the image file from Etsy, you must find an image file-to-SVG converting software or website.

You can search for one using search engines like Google. Once you’re done, you can now save an Etsy file as SVG.

What is SVG used for?

SVG is explicitly used for logos or any image type that needs to be clear, even when scaled down or scaled up. It is usually utilized in product images of online buy and sell platforms.

Images required to be as detailed as possible are the best if SVG is used for it. 

Can I Make Money Selling SVG Files?

Yes. Interested sellers can sell an SVG file to buyers online. 

Most of the time, the price is from $1 to $5 per image. There are also active buyers on Etsy that are looking for well-made SVG files.

Remember to license your SVG image before selling it. It is to prevent others from reselling it or making some other profits from the file.

What is Vector SVG?

A vector used in SVG is a set of lines and curves available to be viewed in an XML format. They are mathematically inclined so that they adjust when being zoomed in or zoomed out.

The process itself is a little complicated and involves algorithms. That’s also why it is different from an image pixel, which appears as a rectangular dot when zoomed.

Etsy SVG

How Do I Upload SVG to Etsy?

For sellers, you have to go to the product onboarding first and then go to the listings. The photos page will appear there immediately.

Next, click on the ‘add a photo’ button text under the camera icon. Your file explorer will appear shortly after clicking.

Look for your specific SVG image there and click it. Then, you have to wait until the uploading process is done. 

SVG files will always end on ‘.svg’ extensions. If the image file doesn’t end in ‘.svg,’ you will have to convert it to SVG format before uploading.